Laboratory of biomedical microbiology and immunology
Laboratory of biomedical microbiology and immunology
Mangesh Bhide
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Citované v
Toll-like receptors TLR1, TLR2 and TLR4 gene mutations and natural resistance to Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis infection in cattle
R Mucha, MR Bhide, EB Chakurkar, M Novak, I Mikula Sr
Veterinary immunology and immunopathology 128 (4), 381-388, 2009
An introduction to B-cell epitope mapping and in silico epitope prediction
L Potocnakova, M Bhide, LB Pulzova
Journal of immunology research 2016, 2016
Animal board invited review: advances in proteomics for animal and food sciences
AM Almeida, A Bassols, E Bendixen, M Bhide, F Ceciliani, S Cristobal, ...
Animal 9 (1), 1-17, 2015
Library-based display technologies: where do we stand?
A Galán, L Comor, A Horvatić, J Kuleš, N Guillemin, V Mrljak, M Bhide
Molecular BioSystems 12 (8), 2342-2358, 2016
Sensitivity of Borrelia genospecies to serum complement from different animals and human: a host—pathogen relationship
MR Bhide, M Travnicek, M Levkutova, J Curlik, V Revajova, M Levkut
FEMS Immunology & Medical Microbiology 43 (2), 165-172, 2005
IS900-PCR-based detection and characterization of Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis from buffy coat of cattle and sheep
M Bhide, E Chakurkar, L Tkacikova, S Barbuddhe, M Novak, I Mikula
Veterinary Microbiology 112 (1), 33-41, 2006
Pathogen translocation across the blood-brain barrier
L Pulzova, MR Bhide, K Andrej
FEMS Immunology & Medical Microbiology 57 (3), 203-213, 2009
Prevalence of Coxiella burnetii in Hungary: Screening of Dairy Cows, Sheep, Commercial Milk Samples, and Ticks
M Gyuranecz, B Dénes, S Hornok, P Kovács, G Horváth, V Jurkovich, ...
Vector-Borne and Zoonotic Diseases 12 (8), 650-653, 2012
Components of a Fanconi-like pathway control Pso2-independent DNA interstrand crosslink repair in yeast
TA Ward, Z Dudášová, S Sarkar, MR Bhide, D Vlasáková, M Chovanec, ...
PLoS genetics 8 (8), e1002884, 2012
Molecular method for Bartonella species identification in clinical and environmental samples
C García-Esteban, H Gil, M Rodríguez-Vargas, X Gerrikagoitia, ...
Journal of clinical microbiology 46 (2), 776-779, 2008
Novel mutations in TLR genes cause hyporesponsiveness to Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis infection
MR Bhide, R Mucha, I Mikula, L Kisova, R Skrabana, M Novak
BMC genetics 10 (1), 21, 2009
Seroprevalence of anti-Borrelia burgdorferi antibodies in dogs and horses in Turkey
M Bhide, Z Yilmaz, E Golcu, S Torun, I Mikula
Ann Agric Environ Med 15 (1), 85-90, 2008
Presensitization of microorganisms by acid treatments to low dose gamma irradiation with special reference to Bacillus cereus
MR Bhide, AM Paturkar, AT Sherikar, VS Waskar
Meat science 58 (3), 253-258, 2001
Complement factor H binding by different Lyme disease and relapsing fever Borrelia in animals and human
MR Bhide, R Escudero, E Camafeita, H Gil, I Jado, P Anda
BMC Research Notes 2 (1), 134, 2009
Factors influencing emergence of tularemia, Hungary, 1984–2010
M Gyuranecz, J Reiczigel, K Krisztalovics, L Monse, GK Szabóné, ...
Emerging Infectious Diseases 18 (8), 1379, 2012
Wild pigeons and pheasants--a source of Chlamydophila psittaci for humans and animals.
M Trávnicek, L Cisláková, W Deptuła, M Stosik, MR Bhide
Annals of agricultural and environmental medicine: AAEM 9 (2), 253-255, 2002
Beyond the rat models of human neurodegenerative disorders
O Bugos, M Bhide, N Zilka
Cellular and molecular neurobiology 29 (6-7), 859, 2009
Molecular method for discrimination between Francisella tularensis and Francisella-like endosymbionts
R Escudero, A Toledo, H Gil, K Kovácsová, M Rodríguez-Vargas, I Jado, ...
Journal of clinical microbiology 46 (9), 3139-3143, 2008
Prevalence of Francisella tularensis and Francisella-Like Endosymbionts in the Tick Population of Hungary and the Genetic Variability of Francisella-Like Agents
Z Kreizinger, S Hornok, Á Dán, S Hresko, L Makrai, T Magyar, M Bhide, ...
Vector-Borne and Zoonotic Diseases 13 (3), 160-163, 2013
The importance of dogs in eco-epidemiology of Lyme borreliosis: a review
M Bhide, M Travnicek, A Curlik, A Stefancikova
Veterinarni Medicina-UZPI (Czech Republic), 2004
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