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Mallikarjuna Reddy Putta
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Citované v
Citované v
Egg weight, shape index and hatchability in Khaki Campbell duck eggs.
PM Reddy, VR Reddy, CV Reddy, PSP Rao
Short, strong hydrogen bonds at the active site of human acetylcholinesterase: proton NMR studies
MA Massiah, C Viragh, PM Reddy, IM Kovach, J Johnson, TL Rosenberry, ...
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NMR evidence for a short, strong hydrogen bond at the active site of a cholinesterase
C Viragh, TK Harris, PM Reddy, MA Massiah, AS Mildvan, IM Kovach
Biochemistry 39 (51), 16200-16205, 2000
Peptide conjugation at the 5′-end of oligodeoxynucleotides abrogates toll-like receptor 9-mediated immune stimulatory activity
MR Putta, FG Zhu, D Wang, L Bhagat, M Dai, ER Kandimalla, S Agrawal
Bioconjugate chemistry 21 (1), 39-45, 2010
Toll like receptor modulators
E Kandimalla, L Bhagat, M Putta, D Wang, S Agrawal
US Patent 8,853,375, 2014
Solid-phase synthesis of positively charged deoxynucleic guanidine (DNG) oligonucleotide mixed sequences
PM Reddy, TC Bruice
Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry letters 13 (7), 1281-1285, 2003
Immunostimulatory activity of immune modulatory oligonucleotides (IMO™) containing different lengths of palindromic segments
ER Kandimalla, MR Putta, S Agrawal
US Patent 7,786,089, 2010
Novel oligonucleotides containing two 3′-ends complementary to target mRNA show optimal gene-silencing activity
L Bhagat, MR Putta, D Wang, D Yu, T Lan, W Jiang, Z Sun, H Wang, ...
Journal of medicinal chemistry 54 (8), 3027-3036, 2011
Solid-phase synthesis of positively charged deoxynucleic guanidine (DNG) tethering a Hoechst 33258 analogue: Triplex and duplex stabilization by simultaneous minor groove binding
PM Reddy, TC Bruice
Journal of the American Chemical Society 126 (12), 3736-3747, 2004
Impact of secondary structure of toll-like receptor 9 agonists on interferon alpha induction
D Yu, MR Putta, L Bhagat, M Dai, D Wang, AF Trombino, T Sullivan, ...
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Sequence selective recognition in the minor groove of dsDNA by pyrrole, imidazole-substituted bis-benzimidazole conjugates
PM Reddy, PT Jindra, AL Satz, TC Bruice
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Stabilized immune modulatory RNA (SIMRA) compounds for TLR7 and TLR8
ER Kandimalla, T Lan, Y Li, D Yu, D Wang, MR Putta, S Agrawal
US Patent 8,106,173, 2012
Compositions for inhibiting gene expression and uses thereof
S Agrawal, E Kandimalla, M Putta, T Lan, L Bhagat, D Wang, D Yu
US Patent 8,431,544, 2013
Synthetic oligoribonucleotides-containing secondary structures act as agonists of Toll-like receptors 7 and 8
T Lan, MR Putta, D Wang, M Dai, D Yu, ER Kandimalla, S Agrawal
Biochemical and biophysical research communications 386 (3), 443-448, 2009
Agonists of Toll-like receptor 9 containing synthetic dinucleotide motifs
D Yu, MR Putta, L Bhagat, Y Li, FG Zhu, D Wang, JX Tang, ER Kandimalla, ...
Journal of medicinal chemistry 50 (25), 6411-6418, 2007
Novel oligodeoxynucleotide agonists of TLR9 containing N3-Me-dC or N1-Me-dG modifications
MR Putta, FG Zhu, Y Li, L Bhagat, YP Cong, ER Kandimalla, S Agrawal
Nucleic acids research 34 (11), 3231-3238, 2006
Synthetic agonists of TLR9
E Kandimalla, M Putta, D Wang, D Yu, L Bhagat, S Agrawal
US Patent 7,960,362, 2011
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