Terry Burnham
Terry Burnham
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Friend-or-foe intentionality priming in an extensive form trust game
TC Burnham, K McCabe, VL Smith
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High-testosterone men reject low ultimatum game offers
TC Burnham
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TC Burnham
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Disfluent fonts don’t help people solve math problems.
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TC Burnham
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TC Burnham
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TC Burnham
dissertation. com, 1997
An empirical evaluation of tax-loss-harvesting alpha
SE Chaudhuri, TC Burnham, AW Lo
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Comment on "Endogenous and Systemic Risk"
TC Burnham
Quantifying Systemic Risk, 2013
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TC Burnham
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Investing in the presence of massive flows: The case of MSCI country reclassifications
TC Burnham, H Gakidis, J Wurgler
Financial Analysts Journal 74 (1), 77-87, 2018
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