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Ville Heikkinen
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Range and AGC normalization in airborne discrete-return LiDAR intensity data for forest canopies
I Korpela, HO Ørka, J Hyyppä, V Heikkinen, T Tokola
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V Heikkinen, R Lenz, T Jetsu, J Parkkinen, M Hauta-Kasari, ...
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J Dumont, T Hirvonen, V Heikkinen, M Mistretta, L Granlund, K Himanen, ...
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Silva Fennica, 2013
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V Heikkinen, C Cámara, T Hirvonen, N Penttinen
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V Heikkinen
IEEE Transactions on Image Processing 27 (7), 3358-3373, 2018
ALS data based forest stand delineation with a coarse-to-fine segmentation approach
Z Wu, V Heikkinen, M Hauta-Kasari, J Parkkinen, T Tokola
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Logistic Regression-Based Spectral Band Selection for Tree Species Classification: Effects of Spatial Scale and Balance in Training Samples
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Evaluating logarithmic kernel for spectral reflectance estimation—effects on model parametrization, training set size, and number of sensor spectral channels
T Eckhard, EM Valero, J Hernández-Andrés, V Heikkinen
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Z Wu, V Heikkinen, M Hauta-Kasari, J Parkkinen, T Tokola
Image Analysis: 18th Scandinavian Conference, SCIA 2013, Espoo, Finland …, 2013
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System, medium, and method converting colors
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Image and Signal Processing: 6th International Conference, ICISP 2014 …, 2014
Kernel methods for estimation and classification of data from spectral imaging
PhD Dissertation,, 2011
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