Eugenio Cinquanta
Eugenio Cinquanta
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Citované v
Silicene field-effect transistors operating at room temperature
L Tao, E Cinquanta, D Chiappe, C Grazianetti, M Fanciulli, M Dubey, ...
Nature Nanotechnology, 2015
Two‐Dimensional Si Nanosheets with Local Hexagonal Structure on a MoS2 Surface
D Chiappe, E Scalise, E Cinquanta, C Grazianetti, B van den Broek, ...
Advanced Materials 26 (13), 2096-2101, 2014
Hindering the oxidation of silicene with non‐reactive encapsulation
A Molle, C Grazianetti, D Chiappe, E Cinquanta, E Cianci, G Tallarida, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 23 (35), 4340-4344, 2013
Getting through the Nature of Silicene: An sp2–sp3 Two-Dimensional Silicon Nanosheet
E Cinquanta, E Scalise, D Chiappe, C Grazianetti, B van den Broek, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 117 (32), 16719-16724, 2013
Two-dimensional silicon: the advent of silicene
C Grazianetti, E Cinquanta, A Molle
2D Materials 3, 012001, 2016
Effect of Axial Torsion on Carbon Atomic Wires
L Ravagnan, N Manini, E Cinquanta, G Onida, D Sangalli, C Motta, ...
Physical review letters 102 (24), 245502, 2009
Ultrafast THz Probe of Photoinduced Polarons in Lead-Halide Perovskites
E Cinquanta, D Meggiolaro, SG Motti, M Gandini, MJP Alcocer, ...
Physical Review Letters 122 (16), 166601, 2019
Towards a uniform and large-scale deposition of MoS2 nanosheets via sulfurization of ultra-thin Mo-based solid films
S Vangelista, E Cinquanta, C Martella, M Alia, M Longo, A Lamperti, ...
Nanotechnology 27, 175703, 2016
Anisotropic MoS2 Nanosheets Grown on Self‐Organized Nanopatterned Substrates
C Martella, C Mennucci, E Cinquanta, A Lamperti, E Cappelluti, ...
Advanced Materials 29 (19), 1605785, 2017
Novel near-infrared emission from crystal defects in MoS2 multilayer flakes
F Fabbri, E Rotunno, E Cinquanta, C Campi, E Bonnini, D Kaplan, ...
Nature Communications 7, 13044, 2016
Silicon nanosheets: Crossover between multilayer silicene and diamond-like growth regime
C Grazianetti, E Cinquanta, L Tao, P De Padova, C Quaresima, ...
ACS nano 11 (3), 3376-3382, 2017
Optical Parametric Amplification Techniques for the Generation of High-Energy Few-Optical-Cycles IR Pulses for Strong Field Applications
CV Anna G Ciriolo, Matteo Negro, Michele Devetta, Eugenio Cinquanta, Davide ...
Applied Sciences 7 (3), 265, 2017
Engineering the electronic properties of silicene by tuning the composition of MoX2 and GaX (X= S, Se, Te) chalchogenide templates
E Scalise, M Houssa, E Cinquanta, C Grazianetti, B Van den Broek, ...
2D Materials 1 (1), 011010, 2014
Synthesis, characterization, and modeling of naphthyl-terminated sp carbon chains: dinaphthylpolyynes
F Cataldo, L Ravagnan, E Cinquanta, IE Castelli, N Manini, G Onida, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 114 (46), 14834-14841, 2010
Vibrational properties of epitaxial silicene layers on (1 1 1) Ag
E Scalise, E Cinquanta, M Houssa, B Van den Broek, D Chiappe, ...
Applied surface science 291, 113-117, 2014
Engineering the growth of MoS2 via atomic layer deposition of molybdenum oxide film precursor
C Martella, P Melloni, E Cinquanta, E Cianci, M Alia, M Longo, A Lamperti, ...
Adv. Electron. Mater 2 (10), 1600330, 2016
Optical response and ultrafast carrier dynamics of the silicene-silver interface
E Cinquanta, G Fratesi, S dal Conte, C Grazianetti, F Scotognella, ...
Physical Review B 92, 165427, 2015
Exploring the morphological and electronic properties of silicene superstructures
C Grazianetti, D Chiappe, E Cinquanta, G Tallarida, M Fanciulli, A Molle
Applied surface science 291, 109-112, 2014
Nucleation and temperature-driven phase transitions of silicene superstructures on Ag(111)
C Grazianetti, D Chiappe, E Cinquanta, M Fanciulli, A Molle
J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 27, 255005, 2015
Stability and universal encapsulation of epitaxial Xenes
A Molle, G Faraone, A Lamperti, D Chiappe, E Cinquanta, C Martella, ...
Faraday Discussion, 2020
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