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Yoshinobu Uno
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Citované v
Genome evolution in the allotetraploid frog Xenopus laevis
AM Session, Y Uno, T Kwon, JA Chapman, A Toyoda, S Takahashi, ...
Nature 538 (7625), 336-343, 2016
A W-linked DM-domain gene, DM-W, participates in primary ovary development in Xenopus laevis
S Yoshimoto, E Okada, H Umemoto, K Tamura, Y Uno, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 105 (7), 2469-2474, 2008
The ZW micro-sex chromosomes of the Chinese soft-shelled turtle (Pelodiscus sinensis, Trionychidae, Testudines) have the same origin as chicken chromosome 15
T Kawagoshi, Y Uno, K Matsubara, Y Matsuda, C Nishida
Cytogenetic and Genome Research 125 (2), 125-131, 2009
Inference of the protokaryotypes of amniotes and tetrapods and the evolutionary processes of microchromosomes from comparative gene mapping
Y Uno, C Nishida, H Tarui, S Ishishita, C Takagi, O Nishimura, J Ishijima, ...
PloS one 7 (12), e53027, 2012
Homoeologous chromosomes of Xenopus laevis are highly conserved after whole-genome duplication
Y Uno, C Nishida, C Takagi, N Ueno, Y Matsuda
Heredity 111 (5), 430-436, 2013
Karyotypic evolution in squamate reptiles: comparative gene mapping revealed highly conserved linkage homology between the butterfly lizard (Leiolepis reevesii rubritaeniata …
K Srikulnath, C Nishida, K Matsubara, Y Uno, A Thongpan, S Suputtitada, ...
Chromosome research 17, 975-986, 2009
Molecular cloning and gene expression of Foxl2 in the frog Rana rugosa
Y Oshima, Y Uno, Y Matsuda, T Kobayashi, M Nakamura
General and comparative endocrinology 159 (2-3), 170-177, 2008
Comparative chromosome mapping of sex-linked genes and identification of sex chromosomal rearrangements in the Japanese wrinkled frog (Rana rugosa, Ranidae) with ZW and XY sex …
Y Uno, C Nishida, Y Oshima, S Yokoyama, I Miura, Y Matsuda, ...
Chromosome Research 16, 637-647, 2008
Karyological characterization of the butterfly lizard (Leiolepis reevesii rubritaeniata, Agamidae, Squamata) by molecular cytogenetic approach
K Srikulnath, K Matsubara, Y Uno, A Thongpan, S Suputtitada, ...
Cytogenetic and Genome Research 125 (3), 213-223, 2009
Diversity in the origins of sex chromosomes in anurans inferred from comparative mapping of sexual differentiation genes for three species of the Raninae and Xenopodinae
Y Uno, C Nishida, S Yoshimoto, M Ito, Y Oshima, S Yokoyama, ...
Chromosome research 16, 999-1011, 2008
A new nomenclature of Xenopus laevis chromosomes based on the phylogenetic relationship to Silurana/Xenopus tropicalis
Y Matsuda, Y Uno, M Kondo, MJ Gilchrist, AM Zorn, DS Rokhsar, ...
Cytogenetic and genome research 145 (3-4), 187-191, 2015
Identification of the linkage group of the Z sex chromosomes of the sand lizard (Lacerta agilis, Lacertidae) and elucidation of karyotype evolution in lacertid lizards
K Srikulnath, K Matsubara, Y Uno, C Nishida, M Olsson, Y Matsuda
Chromosoma 123, 563-575, 2014
Karyotype Reorganization in the Hokou Gecko (Gekko hokouensis, Gekkonidae): The Process of Microchromosome Disappearance in Gekkota
K Srikulnath, Y Uno, C Nishida, H Ota, Y Matsuda
PLoS One 10 (8), e0134829, 2015
Karyotype evolution in monitor lizards: cross-species chromosome mapping of cDNA reveals highly conserved synteny and gene order in the Toxicofera clade
K Srikulnath, Y Uno, C Nishida, Y Matsuda
Chromosome research 21, 805-819, 2013
Sex chromosome differentiation and the W- and Z-specific loci in Xenopus laevis
S Mawaribuchi, S Takahashi, M Wada, Y Uno, Y Matsuda, M Kondo, ...
Developmental biology 426 (2), 393-400, 2017
No interstitial telomeres on autosomes but remarkable amplification of telomeric repeats on the W sex chromosome in the sand lizard (Lacerta agilis)
K Matsubara, Y Uno, K Srikulnath, Y Matsuda, E Miller, M Olsson
Journal of Heredity 106 (6), 753-757, 2015
Immunohistochemical detection and biological activities of CYP17 (P450c17) in the indifferent gonad of the frog Rana rugosa
N Sakurai, K Maruo, S Haraguchi, Y Uno, Y Oshima, K Tsutsui, Y Matsuda, ...
The Journal of steroid biochemistry and molecular biology 112 (1-3), 5-12, 2008
The Staurotypus turtles and aves share the same origin of sex chromosomes but evolved different types of heterogametic sex determination
T Kawagoshi, Y Uno, C Nishida, Y Matsuda
PLoS One 9 (8), e105315, 2014
A genetic map for the only self-fertilizing vertebrate
A Kanamori, Y Sugita, Y Yuasa, T Suzuki, K Kawamura, Y Uno, ...
G3: Genes, Genomes, Genetics 6 (4), 1095-1106, 2016
Molecular cloning and characterization of satellite DNA sequences from constitutive heterochromatin of the habu snake (Protobothrops flavoviridis, Viperidae) and the …
K Matsubara, Y Uno, K Srikulnath, R Seki, C Nishida, Y Matsuda
Chromosoma 124, 529-539, 2015
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