Judson Hervey
Judson Hervey
Research Biologist, NRL
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Citované v
Multifunctional Compact Zwitterionic Ligands for Preparing Robust Biocompatible Semiconductor Quantum Dots and Gold Nanoparticles
K Susumu, JB Delehanty, JB Blanco-Canosa, BJ Johnson, V Jain, ...
JACS 133 (24), 9480-9496, 2011
Efficient and specific trypsin digestion of microgram to nanogram quantities of proteins in organic− aqueous solvent systems
MB Strader, DL Tabb, WJ Hervey, C Pan, GB Hurst
Analytical chemistry 78 (1), 125-134, 2006
A Previously Uncharacterized, Nonphotosynthetic Member of the Chromatiaceae Is the Primary CO2-Fixing Constituent in a Self-Regenerating Biocathode
Z Wang, DH Leary, AP Malanoski, RW Li, WJ Hervey IV, BJ Eddie, ...
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Comparison of digestion protocols for microgram quantities of enriched protein samples
Hervey, MB Strader, GB Hurst
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Improved synthesis and properties of aryl ether-based oligomeric phthalonitrile resins and polymers
M Laskoski, MB Schear, A Neal, DD Dominguez, HL Ricks-Laskoski, ...
Polymer 67, 185-191, 2015
The applicability of Impranil®DLN for gauging the biodegradation of polyurethanes
JC Biffinger, DE Barlow, KD Cockrell, Allison L., Cusick, WJ Hervey, ...
Polymer Degradation and Stability 120 (October 2015), 178-185, 2015
Integrated metagenomic and metaproteomic analyses of marine biofilm communities
DH Leary, RW Li, LJ Hamdan, WJ Hervey IV, N Lebedev, Z Wang, ...
Biofouling 30 (10), 1211-1223, 2014
Progress and challenges in ocean metaproteomics and proposed best practices for data sharing
MA Saito, EM Bertrand, ME Duffy, DA Gaylord, NA Held, WJ Hervey IV, ...
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Sustainable high‐temperature phthalonitrile resins derived from resveratrol and dihydroresveratrol
M Laskoski, JS Clarke, A Neal, BG Harvey, HL Ricks‐Laskoski, ...
ChemistrySelect 1 (13), 3423-3427, 2016
Lactobacillus acidophilus Membrane Vesicles as a Vehicle of Bacteriocin Delivery
SN Dean, MA Rimmer, KB Turner, DA Phillips, JC Caruana, WJ Hervey IV, ...
Frontiers in Microbiology 11, 710, 2020
Enrichment of a High-Current Density Denitrifying Microbial Biocathode
KP Gregorie, SM Glaven, J Hervey, B Lin, LM Tender
Journal of the Electrochemical Society 161 (13), H3049-H3057, 2014
Metatranscriptomics Supports the Mechanism for Biocathode Electroautotrophy by “Candidatus Tenderia electrophaga”
BJ Eddie, Z Wang, WJ Hervey IV, DH Leary, AP Malanoski, LM Tender, ...
MSystems 2 (2), 10.1128/msystems. 00002-17, 2017
Which metaproteome? The impact of protein extraction bias on metaproteomic analyses
DH Leary, WJ Hervey IV, JR Deschamps, AW Kusterbeck, GJ Vora
Molecular and cellular probes 27 (5-6), 193-199, 2013
Evaluation of “shotgun” proteomics for identification of biological threat agents in complex environmental matrixes: experimental simulations
NC VerBerkmoes, WJ Hervey, M Shah, M Land, L Hauser, FW Larimer, ...
Analytical chemistry 77 (3), 923-932, 2005
Synthesis of bisphenol A-free oligomeric phthalonitrile resins with sulfone and sulfone-ketone containing backbones
M Laskowski, JS Clarke, A Neal, HL Ricks-Laskowski, WJ Hervey, ...
Journal of Polymer Science Part A: Polymer Chemistry 54 (11), 1639–1646, 2016
Disseminating metaproteomic informatics capabilities and knowledge using the Galaxy-P framework
C Blank, C Easterly, B Gruening, J Johnson, CA Kolmeder, P Kumar, ...
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Microbiome Metadata Standards: Report of the National Microbiome Data Collaborative’s Workshop and Follow-On Activities
P Vangay, J Burgin, A Johnston, KL Beck, DC Berrios, K Blumberg, ...
mSystems 6 (1), e01194-20, 2021
A General System for Studying Protein− Protein Interactions in Gram-Negative Bacteria
DA Pelletier, GB Hurst, LJ Foote, PK Lankford, CK McKeown, TY Lu, ...
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Method development for metaproteomic analyses of marine biofilms
DH Leary, WJ Hervey IV, RW Li, JR Deschamps, AW Kusterbeck, GJ Vora
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Relative abundance of ‘Candidatus Tenderia electrophaga’ is linked to cathodic current in an aerobic biocathode community
AP Malanoski, B Lin, BJ Eddie, Z Wang, WJ Hervey IV, SM Glaven
Microbial biotechnology 11 (1), 98-111, 2018
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