Ashley E. Larsen
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Citované v
A global synthesis reveals biodiversity-mediated benefits for crop production
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When natural habitat fails to enhance biological pest control–Five hypotheses
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Eco-label conveys reliable information on fish stock health to seafood consumers
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Agricultural pesticide use and adverse birth outcomes in the San Joaquin Valley of California.
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Twig‐Nesting Ants: The Hidden Predators of the Coffee Berry Borer in Chiapas, Mexico
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Identifying the landscape drivers of agricultural insecticide use leveraging evidence from 100,000 fields
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Causal analysis in control–Impact ecological studies with observational data
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Agricultural landscape simplification does not consistently drive insecticide use
AE Larsen
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The contrasting effects of farm size on farm incomes and food production
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Single species conservation as an umbrella for management of landscape threats
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Cascading trait‐mediation: disruption of a trait‐mediated mutualism by parasite‐induced behavioral modification
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Impact of local and landscape complexity on the stability of field-level pest control
AE Larsen, F Noack
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Balancing agricultural production, groundwater management, and biodiversity goals: A multi-benefit optimization model of agriculture in Kern County, California
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Innovating at the food, water, and energy interface
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High highs and low lows: Elucidating striking seasonal variability in pesticide use and its environmental implications
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Missing the people for the trees: Identifying coupled natural–human system feedbacks driving the ecology of Lyme disease
AJ MacDonald, AE Larsen, AJ Plantinga
Journal of Applied Ecology 56 (2), 354-364, 2019
Projected climate and land use change alter western blacklegged tick phenology, seasonal host‐seeking suitability and human encounter risk in California
AJ MacDonald, S McComb, C O’Neill, KA Padgett, AE Larsen
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Lyme Disease Risk Influences Human Settlement in the Wildland–Urban Interface: Evidence from a Longitudinal Analysis of Counties in the Northeastern United States
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The Community Ecology of Herbivore Regulation in an Agroecosystem: Lessons from Complex Systems
J Vandermeer, I Armbrecht, A de la Mora, KK Ennis, G Fitch, DJ Gonthier, ...
BioScience 69 (12), 974-996, 2019
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