Jennifer Germano
Jennifer Germano
New Zealand Department of Conservation
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Citované v
Suitability of amphibians and reptiles for translocation
JM Germano, PJ Bishop
Conservation biology 23 (1), 7-15, 2009
Mitigation‐driven translocations: are we moving wildlife in the right direction?
JM Germano, KJ Field, RA Griffiths, S Clulow, J Foster, G Harding, ...
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Understanding publication bias in reintroduction biology by assessing translocations of New Zealand's herpetofauna
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Predicting translocation outcomes with personality for desert tortoises
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Hiding in plain sight: a study on camouflage and habitat selection in a slow-moving desert herbivore
MG Nafus, JM Germano, JA Perry, BD Todd, A Walsh, RR Swaisgood
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Kiwi recovery plan 2018–2028 Mahere whakaora kiwi 2018–2028
J Germano, S Barlow, I Castro, R Colbourne, M Cox, C Gillies, K Hackwell, ...
Threatened species recovery plan 64, 60, 2018
Urinary hormone analysis assists reproductive monitoring and sex identification of bell frogs (Litoria raniformis)
JM Germano, FC Molinia, PJ Bishop, A Cree
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Movements, home ranges, and capture effect of the endangered Otago skink (Oligosoma otagense)
JM Germano
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Moving towards greater success in translocations: recent advances from the herpetofauna
JM Germano, JG Ewen, H Mushinsky, E McCoy, L Ortiz-Catedral
Urinary hormone metabolites identify sex and imply unexpected winter breeding in an endangered, subterranean-nesting frog
JM Germano, FC Molinia, PJ Bishop, BD Bell, A Cree
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Get together, work together, write together
J Cisternas, PM Wehi, N Haupokia, F Hughes, M Hughes, JM Germano, ...
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116 Development of assisted reproduction technologies for the endangered Mississippi gopher frog (rana sevosa) and sperm transfer for in vitro fertilization
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Conservation status of New Zealand amphibians, 2017
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Publishing Team, Department of Conservation, 2018
Effects of aeration and antibiotics on short-term storage of Fowler's toad (Bufo fowleri) sperm
JM Germano, L Arregui, AJ Kouba
Aquaculture 396, 20-24, 2013
IUCN guidelines for amphibian reintroductions and other conservation translocations
LJ Linhoff
IUCN International Union for the Conservation of Nature, 2021
Ruling out the boys from the girls: Can subtle morphological differences identify sex of the apparently monomorphic frog, Leiopelma pakeka?
JM Germano, A Cree, PJ Bishop
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Lessons learned from a series of translocations of the archaic Hamilton’s frog and Maud Island frog in central New Zealand
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GLOBAL RE-INTRODUCTION PERSPECTIVES: Additional case-studies from around the …, 2010
Tracking a small cryptic amphibian with fluorescent powders
PA Ramírez, BD Bell, JM Germano, PJ Bishop, NJ Nelson
New Zealand Journal of Ecology 41 (1), 134-138, 2017
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