Elizabeth Atchoi, PhD student
Elizabeth Atchoi, PhD student
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Is seabird light‐induced mortality explained by the visual system development?
E Atchoi, M Mitkus, A Rodríguez
Conservation Science and Practice 2 (6), e195, 2020
Atlantic Area Marine Habitats: Adding new Macaronesian habitat types from the Azores to the EUNIS Habitat Classification
F Tempera, E Atchoi, P Amorim, J Gomes-Pereira, JMS Gonçalves
Infralittoral mapping around an oceanic archipelago using MERIS FR satellite imagery and deep kelp observations: A new tool for assessing MPA coverage targets
P Amorim, E Atchoi, E Berecibar, F Tempera
Journal of sea research 100, 141-151, 2015
Targeting efforts in rescue programmes mitigating light-induced seabird mortality: First the fat, then the skinny
M Cuesta-Garcia, A Rodriguez, AM Martins, V Neves, M Magalhaes, ...
Journal for Nature Conservation 65, 126080, 2022
New records of Cuvier's beaked whales (Ziphius cavirostris) from the Turkish Levantine Sea.
A AKKAYA BAŞ, JC Lagoa, E Atchoi
Turkish Journal of Zoology 40 (3), 2016
Ontogenetic exposure to light influences seabird vulnerability to light pollution
E Atchoi, M Mitkus, P Vitta, B Machado, M Rocha, M Juliano, J Bried, ...
Journal of Experimental Biology 226 (7), jeb245126, 2023
Macaronesian Roof Report
C Saavedra, MB Santos, P Valcarce, L Freitas, M Silva, T Pipa, J Bécares, ...
MISTIC SEAS project, 2018
Range extension of Mesophotic kelps (Ochrophyta: Laminariales and Tilopteridales) in the Central North Atlantic: opportunities for marine Forest research and conservation
F Tempera, D Milla‐Figueras, AL Sinde‐Mano, E Atchoi, P Afonso
Journal of Phycology 57 (4), 1140-1150, 2021
New records of Cuvier's beaked whales (Ziphius cavirostris) from the Turkish Levantine Sea
Turkish Journal of Zoology 40 (3), 454-460, 2016
Moonlight diminishes seabird attraction to artificial light
A Rodríguez, E Atchoi, B Rodríguez, T Pipa, M Le Corre, DG Ainley
Conservation Science and Practice 5 (10), e13014, 2023
LuMinAves: cooperative research and mitigation of light pollution impacts in seabirds
E Atchoi, A Rodríguez, T Pipa, C Silva, A Martín, Y Acosta, C Gouveia, ...
International Journal of Sustainable Lighting 23 (1), 33-41, 2021
Do seabirds dream of artificial lights? Understanding light preferences of Procellariiformes
E Atchoi, M Mitkus, B Machado, V Medeiros, S Garcia, M Juliano, J Bried, ...
bioRxiv, 2024.03. 01.582998, 2024
Black coral occurrences on the Azores shelves (central north Atlantic) from 1991 to 2019
F Tempera, AL Sinde-Mano, JNG Pereira, E Atchoi, V de Matos, ...
Recent sightings of the Mediterranean monk seal Monachus monachus and evaluation of anthropogenic activities with recommended conservation implications in Antalya Bay, Turkey
AA Bas, N Piludu, J Lagoa, E Atchoi
Dedicated to Monk Seals and their Threatened Habitats
AA Bas, N Piludu, J Lagoa, E Atchoi
When do Dolphins Bow-Ride in the Istanbul Strait?
A Akkaya Bas, E Atchoi, S O'Connor, J Lagoa, A Amaha Ozturk
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