Meghan Davis Caulfield
Meghan Davis Caulfield
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Metacognitive control over the distribution of practice: When is spacing preferred?
TC Toppino, MS Cohen, ML Davis, AC Moors
Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition 35 (5), 1352, 2009
Individual differences in resting-state functional connectivity with the executive network: support for a cerebellar role in anxiety vulnerability
MD Caulfield, DC Zhu, JD McAuley, RJ Servatius
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Facilitated acquisition of eyeblink conditioning in those vulnerable to anxiety disorders
MD Caulfield, JD McAuley, RJ Servatius
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Focusing on the possible role of the cerebellum in anxiety disorders
MD Caulfield, RJ Servatius
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Selective benefit of donepezil on oral naming in Alzheimer's disease in men compared to women
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Facilitated acquisition of standard but not long delay classical eyeblink conditioning in behaviorally inhibited adolescents
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The cingulate cortex and spatial neglect
AM Barrett, A Abdou, MD Caulfield
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Assessing viewer-centered and stimulus-centered spatial bias: The 3s spreadsheet test version 1
P Chen, MD Caulfield, AJ Hartman, J O’Rourke, J Toglia
Applied Neuropsychology: Adult 24 (6), 532-539, 2017
Post-traumatic stress symptoms are associated with better performance on a delayed match-to-position task
MD Caulfield, CE Myers
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Cerebellar response to familiar and novel stimuli: An fMRI study.
MD Caulfield, DC Zhu, JD McAuley, RJ Servatius
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Large-scale network connectivity as a predictor of age: Evidence across the adult lifespan from the Cam-CAN data set.
EG Chrysikou, MD Caulfield, IP Kan
Psychology and aging, 2022
Mnemonic discrimination is associated with individual differences in anxiety vulnerability
MD Caulfield, AL Vogel, MR Coutinho, IP Kan
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Which perseverative behaviors are symptoms of spatial neglect?
MD Caulfield, P Chen, MM Barry, AM Barrett
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Predicting Age From Large-Scale Brain Networks: Evidence From the Cam-CAN Dataset Across the Lifespan
M Caulfield, I Kan, E Chrysikou
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Anterior Striatal Lesions are Associated with Aiming Neglect After Right Brain Stroke (P3. 228)
J Thomas, M Caulfield, A Barrett
Neurology 90 (15 Supplement), 2018
Co-occurrence of spatial neglect and perseveration contributes to cognitive and functional impairment.(P5. 179)
M Caulfield, P Chen, A Barrett
Neurology 84 (14 Supplement), 2015
Individual Differences in Associative Learning, Intrinsic Connectivity and Neural Reactivity: Support for a Cerebellar Role in Anxiety Vulnerability
MD Caulfield
Caulfield, 2014
Faculty Affiliations and Disclosures
ML Davis, AM Barrett
CNS Spectr 14 (4), 175-176, 2009
Relationship of fractionating line bisection bias in spatial neglect to walking trajectory (WT)
HV Naringrekar, J Kornitzer, K Hokenson, S Varughese, M Davis, ...
NEUROLOGY 70 (11), A52-A52, 2008
Metacognitive Control Over Distribution of Practice: When is Spacing Preferred?
MS Cohen, M Davis, AC Moors, TC Toppino
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