Daniel Cerveny
Daniel Cerveny
researcher in aquatic ecology
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Citované v
Bioaccumulation of psychoactive pharmaceuticals in fish in an effluent dominated stream
K Grabicova, R Grabic, G Fedorova, J Fick, D Cerveny, J Kolarova, ...
Water research 124, 654-662, 2017
Presence of pharmaceuticals in benthic fauna living in a small stream affected by effluent from a municipal sewage treatment plant
K Grabicova, R Grabic, M Blaha, V Kumar, D Cerveny, G Fedorova, ...
Water research 72, 145-153, 2015
Transport of pharmaceuticals and their metabolites between water and sediments as a further potential exposure for aquatic organisms
O Koba, K Grabicova, D Cerveny, J Turek, J Kolarova, T Randak, ...
Journal of Hazardous Materials 342, 401-407, 2018
Frontiers in quantifying wildlife behavioural responses to chemical pollution
MG Bertram, JM Martin, ES McCallum, LA Alton, JA Brand, BW Brooks, ...
Biological Reviews 97 (4), 1346-1364, 2022
Water temperature affects the biotransformation and accumulation of a psychoactive pharmaceutical and its metabolite in aquatic organisms
D Cerveny, J Fick, J Klaminder, ES McCallum, MG Bertram, NA Castillo, ...
Environment International 155, 106705, 2021
Perfluoroalkyl substances in aquatic environment-comparison of fish and passive sampling approaches
D Cerveny, R Grabic, G Fedorova, K Grabicova, J Turek, V Kodes, ...
Environmental research 144, 92-98, 2016
Bioconcentration and behavioral effects of four benzodiazepines and their environmentally relevant mixture in wild fish
D Cerveny, T Brodin, P Cisar, ES McCallum, J Fick
Science of the total environment 702, 134780, 2020
Neuroactive drugs and other pharmaceuticals found in blood plasma of wild European fish
D Cerveny, R Grabic, K Grabicová, T Randák, DGJ Larsson, AC Johnson, ...
Environment International 146, 106188, 2021
Chronic Exposure to Oxazepam Pollution Produces Tolerance to Anxiolytic Effects in Zebrafish (Danio rerio)
LE Vossen, D Cerveny, M Osterkrans, PO Thornqvist, F Jutfelt, J Fick, ...
Environmental Science & Technology 54 (3), 1760-1769, 2020
Contamination of fish in important fishing grounds of the Czech Republic
D Cerveny, V Zlabek, J Velisek, J Turek, R Grabic, K Grabicova, ...
Ecotoxicology and environmental Safety 109, 101-109, 2014
Effects of Multi-Component Mixtures from Sewage Treatment Plant Effluent on Common Carp (Cyprinus carpio) under Fully Realistic Condition
PT Giang, V Burkina, S Sakalli, H Schmidt-Posthaus, MK Rasmussen, ...
Environmental management 63, 466-484, 2019
Young-of-the-year fish as a prospective bioindicator for aquatic environmental contamination monitoring
D Cerveny, J Turek, R Grabic, O Golovko, O Koba, G Fedorova, ...
Water research 103, 334-342, 2016
Fate of perfluoroalkyl substances within a small stream food web affected by sewage effluent
D Cerveny, R Grabic, G Fedorova, K Grabicova, J Turek, V Zlabek, ...
Water research 134, 226-233, 2018
Fish fin-clips as a non-lethal approach for biomonitoring of mercury contamination in aquatic environments and human health risk assessment
D Cerveny, S Roje, J Turek, T Randak
Chemosphere 163, 290-295, 2016
Slow-release implants for manipulating contaminant exposures in aquatic wildlife: a new tool for field ecotoxicology
ES McCallum, D Cerveny, J Fick, T Brodin
Environmental Science & Technology 53 (14), 8282-8290, 2019
Environmentally relevant concentration of caffeine—effect on activity and circadian rhythm in wild perch
D Cerveny, P Cisar, T Brodin, ES McCallum, J Fick
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 29 (36), 54264-54272, 2022
De facto reuse at the watershed scale: Seasonal changes, population contributions, instream flows and water quality hazards of human pharmaceuticals
H Švecová, R Grabic, K Grabicová, AV Staňová, G Fedorova, D Cerveny, ...
Environmental Pollution 268, 115888, 2021
Oxylipins at intermediate larval stages of damselfly Coenagrion hastulatum as biochemical biomarkers for anthropogenic pollution
J Späth, T Brodin, D Cerveny, R Lindberg, J Fick, ML Nording
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 28, 27629-27638, 2021
Exposure via biotransformation: Oxazepam reaches predicted pharmacological effect levels in European perch after exposure to temazepam
D Cerveny, J Fick, J Klaminder, MG Bertram, T Brodin
Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety 217, 112246, 2021
Wastewater effluent affects behaviour and metabolomic endpoints in damselfly larvae
J Späth, J Fick, E McCallum, D Cerveny, ML Nording, T Brodin
Scientific Reports 12 (1), 6830, 2022
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