Nikolay Agudov
Nikolay Agudov
Engineering center of Lobachevsky University
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Citované v
Noise-enhanced stability in fluctuating metastable states
AA Dubkov, NV Agudov, B Spagnolo
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Noise-enhanced stability of periodically driven metastable states
NV Agudov, B Spagnolo
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AN Mikhaylov, DV Guseinov, AI Belov, DS Korolev, VA Shishmakova, ...
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Noise enhanced stability
B Spagnolo, NV Agudov, AA Dubkov
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NV Agudov, AN Malakhov
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Variability in resistive memories
JB Roldán, E Miranda, D Maldonado, AN Mikhaylov, NV Agudov, ...
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Noise delayed decay of unstable states
NV Agudov
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Stochastic model of memristor based on the length of conductive region
NV Agudov, AA Dubkov, AV Safonov, AV Krichigin, AA Kharcheva, ...
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DO Filatov, MN Koryazhkina, AS Novikov, VA Shishmakova, ME Shenina, ...
Chaos, Solitons & Fractals 156, 111810, 2022
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NV Agudov, AN Malakhov
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Resistive state relaxation time in ZrO2 (Y)-based memristive devices under the influence of external noise
MN Koryazhkina, DO Filatov, VA Shishmakova, ME Shenina, AI Belov, ...
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AN Malakhov, NV Agudov
Chaos: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Nonlinear Science 4 (4), 665-671, 1994
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