Anirban Sain
Anirban Sain
Professor, Physics Dept., IIT Bombay, India.
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Citované v
Citované v
Resistance to hydride formation in zirconium: An emerging possibility
KVM Krishna, A Sain, I Samajdar, GK Dey, D Srivastava, S Neogy, ...
Acta materialia 54 (18), 4665-4675, 2006
Plasticization of poly (vinylpyrrolidone) thin films under ambient humidity: Insight from single-molecule tracer diffusion dynamics
S Bhattacharya, DK Sharma, S Saurabh, S De, A Sain, A Nandi, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 117 (25), 7771-7782, 2013
Origin of contractile force during cell division of bacteria
B Ghosh, A Sain
Physical review letters 101 (17), 178101, 2008
Multiscaling in models of magnetohydrodynamic turbulence
A Basu, A Sain, SK Dhar, R Pandit
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High electron mobility through the edge states in random networks of c-axis oriented wedge-shaped GaN nanowalls grown by molecular beam epitaxy
HP Bhasker, S Dhar, A Sain, M Kesaria, SM Shivaprasad
Applied Physics Letters 101 (13), 2012
Turbulence and multiscaling in the randomly forced Navier-Stokes equation
A Sain, R Pandit
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Inertial-and dissipation-range asymptotics in fluid turbulence
SK Dhar, A Sain, R Pandit
Physical review letters 78 (15), 2964, 1997
Manu, and R. Pandit
A Sain
Phys. Rev. Lett 81, 4377, 1998
Rupture of an extended object: A many-body Kramers calculation
A Sain, CL Dias, M Grant
Physical Review E 74 (4), 046111, 2006
Some recent advances in the theory of homogeneous isotropic turbulence
SK Dhar, A Sain, A Pande, R Pandit
Pramana 48, 325-364, 1997
Shape transitions during clathrin-induced endocytosis
G Kumar, A Sain
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S Biswas, M Grant, I Samajdar, A Haldar, A Sain
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Tubulation pattern of membrane vesicles coated with biofilaments
G Kumar, N Ramakrishnan, A Sain
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Dynamic force balances and cell shape changes during cytokinesis
A Sain, MM Inamdar, F Jülicher
Physical review letters 114 (4), 048102, 2015
Influence of tether dynamics on forced Kramers escape from a kinetic trap
A Sain, M Wortis
Physical Review E 70 (3), 031102, 2004
Chain persistency in single-stranded DNA
A Sain, BY Ha, HK Tsao, JZY Chen
Physical Review E 69 (6), 061913, 2004
Force generation in bacteria without nucleotide-dependent bending of cytoskeletal filaments
B Ghosh, A Sain
Physical Review E 83 (5), 051924, 2011
Self-organization of the MinE protein ring in subcellular Min oscillations
J Derr, JT Hopper, A Sain, AD Rutenberg
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Curvature instability of chiral colloidal membranes on crystallization
L Saikia, T Sarkar, M Thomas, VA Raghunathan, A Sain, P Sharma
Nature communications 8 (1), 1160, 2017
Non-Gaussian subdiffusion of single-molecule tracers in a hydrated polymer network
RK Singh, J Mahato, A Chowdhury, A Sain, A Nandi
The Journal of Chemical Physics 152 (2), 2020
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