Philippe Nimmegeers
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Citované v
Bioproduction of the recombinant sweet protein thaumatin: Current state of the art and perspectives
JA Joseph, S Akkermans, P Nimmegeers, JFM Van Impe
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Dynamic optimization of biological networks under parametric uncertainty
P Nimmegeers, D Telen, F Logist, JV Impe
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Effect of chyme viscosity and nutrient feedback mechanism on gastric emptying
TE Moxon, P Nimmegeers, D Telen, PJ Fryer, J Van Impe, S Bakalis
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I Hashem, D Telen, P Nimmegeers, F Logist, J Van Impe
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A tutorial on uncertainty propagation techniques for predictive microbiology models: A critical analysis of state-of-the-art techniques
S Akkermans, P Nimmegeers, JF Van Impe
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Interactive multi‐objective dynamic optimization of bioreactors under parametric uncertainty
P Nimmegeers, M Vallerio, D Telen, J Van Impe, F Logist
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Quantifying the separation complexity of mixed plastic waste streams with statistical entropy: a plastic packaging waste case study in Belgium
P Nimmegeers, P Billen
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A process simulator interface for multiobjective optimization of chemical processes
CAM López, D Telen, P Nimmegeers, L Cabianca, F Logist, J Van Impe
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Simulation of Escherichia coli Dynamics in Biofilms and Submerged Colonies with an Individual-Based Model Including Metabolic Network Information
ILMM Tack, P Nimmegeers, S Akkermans, I Hashem, JFM Van Impe
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Extending multilevel statistical entropy analysis towards plastic recyclability prediction
P Nimmegeers, A Parchomenko, P De Meulenaere, DR D’hooge, ...
Sustainability 13 (6), 3553, 2021
Optimal experiment design under parametric uncertainty: A comparison of a sensitivities based approach versus a polynomial chaos based stochastic approach
P Nimmegeers, S Bhonsale, D Telen, J Van Impe
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A distributed optimization algorithm for stochastic optimal control
Y Jiang, P Nimmegeers, D Telen, J Van Impe, B Houska
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Multi-objective optimisation of chemical processes via improved genetic algorithms: A novel trade-off and termination criterion
V De Buck, CAM López, P Nimmegeers, I Hashem, J Van Impe
Computer Aided Chemical Engineering 46, 613-618, 2019
Drop-in biofuels production from microalgae to hydrocarbons: Microalgal cultivation and harvesting, conversion pathways, economics and prospects for aviation
S Martinez-Villarreal, A Breitenstein, P Nimmegeers, PP Saura, B Hai, ...
Biomass and Bioenergy 165, 106555, 2022
Transition metal-free approach for late-stage benzylic C (sp 3)–H etherifications and esterifications
Y Zhang, PK Sahoo, P Ren, Y Qin, R Cauwenbergh, P Nimmegeers, ...
Chemical Communications 58 (81), 11454-11457, 2022
Pomodoro: A novel toolkit for dynamic (multiobjective) optimization, and model based control and estimation
S Bhonsale, D Telen, D Vercammen, M Vallerio, J Hufkens, ...
IFAC-PapersOnLine 51 (2), 719-724, 2018
A low-complexity metabolic network model for the respiratory and fermentative metabolism of Escherichia coli
ILMM Tack, P Nimmegeers, S Akkermans, F Logist, JFM Van Impe
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Uncertainty in optimal experiment design: comparing an online versus offline approaches
D Telen, P Nimmegeers, J Van Impe
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Identifiability of large-scale non-linear dynamic network models applied to the ADM1-case study
P Nimmegeers, J Lauwers, D Telen, F Logist, J Van Impe
Mathematical Biosciences 288, 21-34, 2017
Unleashing lignin potential through the dithionite-assisted organosolv fractionation of lignocellulosic biomass
F Brienza, K Van Aelst, F Devred, D Magnin, M Tschulkow, P Nimmegeers, ...
Chemical Engineering Journal 450, 138179, 2022
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