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Ling Wang
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Supercontinuum laser based optical characterization of Intralipid® phantoms in the 500-2250 nm range
B Aernouts, E Zamora-Rojas, R Van Beers, R Watté, L Wang, M Tsuta, ...
Optics express 21 (26), 32450-32467, 2013
High-resolution structural and functional deep brain imaging using adaptive optics three-photon microscopy
L Streich, JC Boffi, L Wang, K Alhalaseh, M Barbieri, R Rehm, ...
Nature methods 18 (10), 1253-1258, 2021
Selective breeding for susceptibility to myopia reveals a gene–environment interaction
YP Chen, PM Hocking, L Wang, B Považay, A Prashar, CH To, ...
Investigative ophthalmology & visual science 52 (7), 4003-4011, 2011
Closed-loop optical neural stimulation based on a 32-channel low-noise recording system with online spike sorting
TKT Nguyen, Z Navratilova, H Cabral, L Wang, G Gielen, FP Battaglia, ...
Journal of neural engineering 11 (4), 046005, 2014
Optical probe based on double-clad optical fiber for fluorescence spectroscopy
L Wang, HY Choi, Y Jung, BH Lee, KT Kim
Optics express 15 (26), 17681-17689, 2007
Light distribution and thermal effects in the rat brain under optogenetic stimulation
B Gysbrechts, L Wang, NND Trong, H Cabral, Z Navratilova, F Battaglia, ...
Journal of biophotonics 9 (6), 576-585, 2016
High-resolution line-scan Brillouin microscopy for live imaging of mechanical properties during embryo development
C Bevilacqua, JM Gomez, UM Fiuza, CJ Chan, L Wang, S Hambura, ...
Nature Methods 20 (5), 755-760, 2023
Fast dispersion encoded full range optical coherence tomography for retinal imaging at 800 nm and 1060 nm
B Hofer, B Považay, A Unterhuber, L Wang, B Hermann, S Rey, G Matz, ...
Optics express 18 (5), 4898-4919, 2010
Real-time fluorescence detection in aqueous systems by combined and enhanced photonic and surface effects in patterned hollow sphere colloidal photonic crystals
K Zhong, L Wang, J Li, S Van Cleuvenbergen, C Bartic, K Song, K Clays
Langmuir 33 (19), 4840-4846, 2017
用多次移位成像提高 CCD 成像分辨力的反演解析法
王凌, 张平, 冯华君, 徐之海, 李奇
光电工程 30 (3), 62-65, 2003
High-resolution digital holography with the aid of coherent diffraction imaging
Z Jiang, SP Veetil, J Cheng, C Liu, L Wang, J Zhu
Optics Express 23 (16), 20916-20925, 2015
AIE-nanoparticle assisted ultra-deep three-photon microscopy in the in vivo mouse brain under 1300 nm excitation
D Li, H Zhang, LL Streich, Y Wang, P Lu, L Wang, R Prevedel, J Qian
Materials Chemistry Frontiers 5 (7), 3201-3208, 2021
Pre‐treatment choroidal thickness is not predictive of susceptibility to form‐deprivation myopia in chickens
JA Guggenheim, YP Chen, E Yip, H Hayet, V Druel, L Wang, JT Erichsen, ...
Ophthalmic and Physiological Optics 31 (5), 516-528, 2011
Heritability of ocular component dimensions in mice phenotyped using depth-enhanced swept source optical coherence tomography
L Wang, B Považay, YP Chen, B Hofer, W Drexler, JA Guggenheim
Experimental Eye Research 93 (4), 482-490, 2011
Graphics processing unit-based dispersion encoded full-range frequency-domain optical coherence tomography
L Wang, B Hofer, JA Guggenheim, B Považay
Journal of biomedical optics 17 (7), 077007-077007, 2012
Muscular hydraulics drive larva-polyp morphogenesis
A Stokkermans, A Chakrabarti, K Subramanian, L Wang, S Yin, P Moghe, ...
Current Biology 32 (21), 4707-4718. e8, 2022
Cost-effective optical coherence tomography spectrometer based on a tilted fiber Bragg grating
S Remund, A Bossen, X Chen, L Wang, A Adebayo, L Zhang, B Považay, ...
Optical Fibers and Sensors for Medical Diagnostics and Treatment …, 2014
Highly reproducible swept-source, dispersion-encoded full-range biometry and imaging of the mouse eye
L Wang, B Hofer, YP Chen, JA Guggenheim, W Drexler, B Považay
Journal of Biomedical Optics 15 (4), 046004-046004-6, 2010
何烽, 徐之海, 冯华君, 王凌, 裴锡宇
光电工程 30 (5), 66-68, 2003
Supercontinuum laser based double-integrating-sphere system for measuring optical properties of highly dense turbid media in the 1300-2350nm region with high sensitivity
L Wang, S Sharma, B Aernouts, H Ramon, W Saeys
Biophotonics: Photonic Solutions for Better Health Care III 8427, 585-590, 2012
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