Yasutaka WADA
Yasutaka WADA
Department of Information Science, Meisei University
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Citované v
Citované v
Analyzing and mitigating the impact of manufacturing variability in power-constrained supercomputing
Y Inadomi, T Patki, K Inoue, M Aoyagi, B Rountree, M Schulz, ...
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Method for controlling heterogeneous multiprocessor and multigrain parallelizing compiler
H Kasahara, K Kimura, J Shirako, Y Wada, M Ito, H Shikano
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A 45nm 37.3 GOPS/W heterogeneous multi-core SoC
Y Yuyama, M Ito, Y Kiyoshige, Y Nitta, S Matsui, O Nishii, A Hasegawa, ...
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Compiler control power saving scheme for multi core processors
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Heterogeneous multi-core architecture that enables 54x AAC-LC stereo encoding
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Parallelizing compiler framework and API for power reduction and software productivity of real-time heterogeneous multicores
A Hayashi, Y Wada, T Watanabe, T Sekiguchi, M Mase, J Shirako, ...
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A linear time and space algorithm for optimal traffic-signal duration at an intersection
S Samra, A El-Mahdy, Y Wada
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Morphological approach for the functional improvement of an artificial myocardial assist device using shape memory alloy fibres
Y Shiraishi, T Yambe, Y Saijo, F Sato, A Tanaka, M Yoshizawa, D Ogawa, ...
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Parallelization with automatic parallelizing compiler generating consumer electronics multicore API
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Performance evaluation of heterogeneous chip multi-processor with MP3 audio encoder
H Shikano, Y Suzuki, Y Wada, J Shirako, K Kimura, H Kasahara
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白子準, 吉田宗弘, 押山直人, 和田康孝, 中野浩史, 鹿野裕明, 木村啓二, ...
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Performance evaluation of compiler controlled power saving scheme
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A scalable multiplier for arbitrary large numbers supporting homomorphic encryption
G Abozaid, A El-Mahdy, Y Wada
2013 Euromicro Conference on Digital System Design, 969-975, 2013
A parallelizing compiler cooperative heterogeneous multicore processor architecture
Y Wada, A Hayashi, T Masuura, J Shirako, H Nakano, H Shikano, ...
Transactions on High-Performance Embedded Architectures and Compilers IV …, 2011
ヘテロジニアスマルチコア向けソフトウェア開発フレームワークおよび API
林明宏, 和田康孝, 渡辺岳志, 関口威, 間瀬正啓, 白子準, 木村啓二, ...
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Software-cooperative power-efficient heterogeneous multi-core for media processing
H Shikano, M Ito, K Uchiyama, T Odaka, A Hayashi, T Masuura, M Mase, ...
2008 Asia and South Pacific Design Automation Conference, 736-741, 2008
Heterogeneous multiprocessor on a chip which enables 54x AAC-LC stereo encoding
M Ito, T Todaka, T Tsunoda, H Tanaka, T Kodama, H Shikano, M Onouchi, ...
2007 IEEE Symposium on VLSI Circuits, 18-19, 2007
Development of an FPGA Controlled" Mini-Car" Toward Autonomous Driving
M Aoto, Y Wada, Y Numata
2018 International Conference on Field-Programmable Technology (FPT), 400-402, 2018
Towards FHE in embedded systems: A preliminary codesign space exploration of a HW/SW very large multiplier
G Abozaid, A Tisserand, A El-Mahdy, Y Wada
IEEE Embedded Systems Letters 7 (3), 77-80, 2015
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