Will Sowersby
Will Sowersby
Biodiversity Division, DEECA
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Time-limited environments affect the evolution of egg–body size allometry
S Eckerström-Liedholm, W Sowersby, A Gonzalez-Voyer, B Rogell
Evolution 71 (7), 1900-1910, 2017
Background matching ability and the maintenance of a colour polymorphism in the red devil cichlid
W Sowersby, TK Lehtonen, BBM Wong
Journal of evolutionary biology 28 (2), 395-402, 2015
Invasive predator influences habitat preferences in a freshwater fish
W Sowersby, RM Thompson, BBM Wong
Environmental Biology of Fishes 99, 187-193, 2016
Cleaner fish recognize self in a mirror via self-face recognition like humans
M Kohda, R Bshary, N Kubo, S Awata, W Sowersby, K Kawasaka, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 120 (7), e2208420120, 2023
Heterospecific aggression bias towards a rarer colour morph
TK Lehtonen, W Sowersby, BBM Wong
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 282 (1815), 20151551, 2015
Temporal and sex-specific patterns of breeding territory defense in a color-polymorphic cichlid fish
W Sowersby, TK Lehtonen, BBM Wong
Hydrobiologia 791, 237-245, 2017
Cichlid fish use coloration as a cue to assess the threat status of heterospecific intruders
TK Lehtonen, W Sowersby, K Gagnon, BBM Wong
The American Naturalist 186 (4), 547-552, 2015
Fast life-histories are associated with larger brain size in killifishes
W Sowersby, S Eckerström-Liedholm, A Kotrschal, J Näslund, P Rowiński, ...
Evolution 75 (9), 2286-2298, 2021
Threat sensitive adjustment of aggression by males and females in a biparental cichlid
W Sowersby, TK Lehtonen, BBM Wong
Behavioral Ecology 29 (3), 761-768, 2018
Parental effects influence life history traits and covary with an environmental cline in common frog populations
PK Rowiński, A Laurila, K Gotthard, W Sowersby, MI Lind, A Richter-Boix, ...
Oecologia 192, 1013-1022, 2020
Sex ratios deviate across killifish species without clear links to life history
W Sowersby, A Gonzalez-Voyer, B Rogell
Evolutionary Ecology 34 (3), 411–426, 2020
The relative effects of pace of life-history and habitat characteristics on the evolution of sexual ornaments: a comparative assessment
W Sowersby, S Eckerström-Liedholm, PK Rowiński, J Balogh, S Eiler, ...
Evolution 76 (1), 114-127, 2022
Pervasive admixture and the spread of a large‐lipped form in a cichlid fish radiation
W Sowersby, J Cerca, BBM Wong, TK Lehtonen, DG Chapple, ...
Molecular Ecology 30 (21), 5551-5571, 2021
Coevolution between life-history and metabolic rate depends on ontogenetic stage
W Sowersby, S Morozov, S Eckerström-Liedholm, P Lehmann, ...
bioRxiv, 705707, 2019
Allopatry, competitor recognition and heterospecific aggression in crater lake cichlids
TK Lehtonen, K Gagnon, W Sowersby, BBM Wong
BMC Evolutionary Biology 16, 1-7, 2016
Mucus provisioning behavior in teleost fishes: a novel model system for the evolution of secretory provisioning in vertebrates
S Satoh, W Sowersby
Ichthyological Research, 1-10, 2021
Macroevolutionary evidence suggests trait-dependent coevolution between behaviour and life-history
S Eckerström-Liedholm, W Sowersby, S Morozov, W van der Bijl, ...
Evolution 73 (11), 2312-2323, 2019
Resource trait specialisation in an introduced fish population with reduced genetic diversity
W Sowersby, TK Lehtonen, M Ravinet, M Barluenga, BBM Wong
Biological Invasions 22, 2447–2460, 2020
Male guppies recognize familiar conspecific males by their face
S Sogawa, R Fukushima, W Sowersby, S Awata, K Kawasaka, M Kohda
Zoological science 40 (2), 168-174, 2023
Variation in developmental rates is not linked to environmental unpredictability in annual killifishes
PK Rowiński, W Sowersby, J Näslund, S Eckerström-Liedholm, ...
Ecology and Evolution 11 (12), 8027-8037, 2021
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