James Conder
James Conder
Professor of Geophysics
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On the decompression melting structure at volcanic arcs and back‐arc spreading centers
JA Conder, DA Wiens, J Morris
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JA Conder, DA Wiens
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DR Toomey, WSD Wilcock, JA Conder, DW Forsyth, JD Blundy, ...
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A case for hot slab surface temperatures in numerical viscous flow models of subduction zones with an improved fault zone parameterization
JA Conder
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JA Conder, DA Wiens
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Discussion of multicyclic Hubbert modeling as a method for forecasting future petroleum production
KB Anderson, JA Conder
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The effect of oxidation on the mineralogy and magnetic properties of olivine
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American Mineralogist 104 (5), 694-702, 2019
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Y Shen, DW Forsyth, J Conder, LRM Dorman
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P and S velocity tomography of the Mariana subduction system from a combined land‐sea seismic deployment
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Seafloor spreading on the Amsterdam‐St. Paul hotspot plateau
JA Conder, DS Scheirer, DW Forsyth
Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 105 (B4), 8263-8277, 2000
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