Brenda B. Bowen
Brenda B. Bowen
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A possible terrestrial analogue for haematite concretions on Mars
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Y Zhang, M Person, J Rupp, K Ellett, MA Celia, CW Gable, B Bowen, ...
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BB Bowen, KC Benison
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Acid saline lake systems give clues about past environments and the search for life on Mars
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White-Rot Basidiomycete-Mediated Decomposition of C60 Fullerol
KM Schreiner, TR Filley, RA Blanchette, BB Bowen, RD Bolskar, ...
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Red rock and red planet diagenesis
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Geological features indicative of processes related to the hematite formation in Meridiani Planum and Aram Chaos, Mars: A comparison with diagenetic hematite deposits in …
J Ormö, G Komatsu, MA Chan, B Beitler, WT Parry
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Mechanisms of PETM global change constrained by a new record from central Utah
GJ Bowen, BB Bowen
Geology 36 (5), 379-382, 2008
Reflectance spectroscopic mapping of diagenetic heterogeneities and fluid-flow pathways in the Jurassic Navajo Sandstone
BB Bowen, BA Martini, MA Chan, WT Parry
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Depositional and diagenetic variability within the Cambrian Mount Simon Sandstone: Implications for carbon dioxide sequestration
BB Bowen, RI Ochoa, ND Wilkens, J Brophy, TR Lovell, N Fischietto, ...
Environmental Geosciences 18 (2), 69-89, 2011
Extreme sulfur-cycling in acid brine lake environments of Western Australia
KC Benison, BB Bowen
Chemical Geology 351, 154-167, 2013
Climatic and diagenetic signals in the stable isotope geochemistry of dolomitic paleosols spanning the Paleocene–Eocene boundary
JH VanDeVelde, GJ Bowen, BH Passey, BB Bowen
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Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets 115 (E12), 2010
Characteristics of terrestrial ferric oxide concretions and implications for Mars
MA Chan, SL Potter, BB Bowen, WT Parry, LM Barge, W Seiler, ...
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