Klaus Rheinberger
Klaus Rheinberger
University of Applied Sciences Vorarlberg
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Citované v
Arginine vasopressin, but not epinephrine, improves survival in uncontrolled hemorrhagic shock after liver trauma in pigs
WG Voelckel, C Raedler, V Wenzel, KH Lindner, AC Krismer, ...
Critical care medicine 31 (4), 1160-1165, 2003
How to find plausible, severe, and useful stress scenarios
T Breuer, M Jandacka, K Rheinberger, M Summer
Eighteenth issue (September 2009) of the International Journal of Central …, 2018
Vasopressin, but not fluid resuscitation, enhances survival in a liver trauma model with uncontrolled and otherwise lethal hemorrhagic shock in pigs
KH Stadlbauer, HG Wagner-Berger, C Raedler, WG Voelckel, V Wenzel, ...
The Journal of the American Society of Anesthesiologists 98 (3), 699-704, 2003
Survival with full neurologic recovery after prolonged cardiopulmonary resuscitation with a combination of vasopressin and epinephrine in pigs
KH Stadlbauer, HG Wagner-Berger, V Wenzel, WG Voelckel, AC Krismer, ...
Anesthesia & Analgesia 96 (6), 1743-1749, 2003
Does adding up of economic capital for market-and credit risk amount to conservative risk assessment?
T Breuer, M Jandačka, K Rheinberger, M Summer
Journal of Banking & Finance 34 (4), 703-712, 2010
Removal of CPR artifacts from the ventricular fibrillation ECG by adaptive regression on lagged reference signals
K Rheinberger, T Steinberger, K Unterkofler, M Baubin, A Klotz, A Amann
IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering 55 (1), 130-137, 2007
The prediction of defibrillation outcome using a new combination of mean frequency and amplitude in porcine models of cardiac arrest
A Amann, K Rheinberger, U Achleitner, AC Krismer, W Lingnau, ...
Anesthesia & Analgesia 95 (3), 716-722, 2002
Algorithms to analyze ventricular fibrillation signals
A Amann, K Rheinberger, U Achleitner
Current Opinion in Critical Care 7 (3), 152-156, 2001
Regulatory capital for market and credit risk interaction: is current regulation always conservative?
T Breuer, M Jandacka, K Rheinberger, M Summer
Bundesbank Series 2 Discussion Paper, 2008
A pilot study to evaluate the SMART BAG®: a new pressure-responsive, gas-flow limiting bag-valve-mask device
HG Wagner-Berger, V Wenzel, WG Voelckel, K Rheinberger, ...
Anesthesia & Analgesia 97 (6), 1686-1689, 2003
Waveform analysis of biphasic external defibrillators
U Achleitner, K Rheinberger, B Furtner, A Amann, M Baubin
Resuscitation 50 (1), 61-70, 2001
Decreasing peak flow rate with a new bag-valve-mask device: effects on respiratory mechanics, and gas distribution in a bench model of an unprotected airway
HG Wagner-Berger, V Wenzel, A Stallinger, WG Voelckel, K Rheinberger, ...
Resuscitation 57 (2), 193-199, 2003
Time of arrival from Bohmian flow
G Grübl, K Rheinberger
Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and General 35 (12), 2907, 2002
Optimizing bag-valve-mask ventilation with a new mouth-to-bag resuscitator
HG Wagner-Berger, V Wenzel, A Stallinger, WG Voelckel, K Rheinberger, ...
Resuscitation 56 (2), 191-198, 2003
Effects of vasopressin on left anterior descending coronary artery blood flow during extremely low cardiac output
VD Mayr, V Wenzel, T Müller, H Antretter, K Rheinberger, KH Lindner, ...
Resuscitation 62 (2), 229-235, 2004
The effects of nifedipine on ventricular fibrillation mean frequency in a porcine model of prolonged cardiopulmonary resuscitation
KH Stadlbauer, K Rheinberger, V Wenzel, C Raedler, AC Krismer, ...
Anesthesia & Analgesia 97 (1), 226-230, 2003
Credit risk in general equilibrium
J Eichberger, K Rheinberger, M Summer
Economic Theory 57 (2), 407-435, 2014
Compounding effects between market and credit risk: The case of variable rate loans
T Breuer, M Jandacka, K Rheinberger, M Summer
The Second Pillar in Basel II and the Challenge of Economic Capital, 43-4, 2008
Macro stress and worst case analysis of loan portfolios
T Breuer, M Jandacka, K Rheinberger, M Summer
Oesterreichische Nationalbank Working Paper, 2008
Removal of resuscitation artefacts from ventricular fibrillation ECG signals using Kalman methods
K Rheinberger, M Baubin, K Unterkofler, A Amann
Computers in Cardiology, 2005, 555-558, 2005
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