Florian Celette
Florian Celette
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Citované v
Citované v
Agroecological practices for sustainable agriculture. A review
A Wezel, M Casagrande, F Celette, JF Vian, A Ferrer, J Peigné
Agronomy for sustainable development 34 (1), 1-20, 2014
Intercropping with legume for agroecological cropping systems: Complementarity and facilitation processes and the importance of soil microorganisms. A review
O Duchene, JF Vian, F Celette
Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment 240, 148-161, 2017
Spatial and temporal changes to the water regime of a Mediterranean vineyard due to the adoption of cover cropping
F Celette, R Gaudin, C Gary
European Journal of Agronomy 29 (4), 153-162, 2008
Competition for nitrogen in an unfertilized intercropping system: The case of an association of grapevine and grass cover in a Mediterranean climate
F Celette, A Findeling, C Gary
European Journal of Agronomy 30 (1), 41-51, 2009
Management of service crops for the provision of ecosystem services in vineyards: A review
L Garcia, F Celette, C Gary, A Ripoche, H Valdés-Gómez, A Metay
Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment 251, 158-170, 2018
Belowground Interactions in a Vine (Vitis vinifera L.)-tall Fescue (Festuca arundinacea Shreb.) Intercropping System: Water Relations and Growth
F Celette, J Wery, E Chantelot, J Celette, C Gary
Plant and soil 276, 205-217, 2005
Tillage as a driver of change in weed communities: a functional perspective
L Armengot, JM Blanco-Moreno, P Bàrberi, G Bocci, S Carlesi, ...
Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment 222, 276-285, 2016
Dynamics of water and nitrogen stress along the grapevine cycle as affected by cover cropping
F Celette, C Gary
European Journal of Agronomy 45, 142-152, 2013
Relay-intercropped forage legumes help to control weeds in organic grain production
C Amossé, MH Jeuffroy, F Celette, C David
European Journal of Agronomy 49, 158-167, 2013
WaLIS—A simple model to simulate water partitioning in a crop association: The example of an intercropped vineyard
F Celette, A Ripoche, C Gary
Agricultural Water Management 97 (11), 1749-1759, 2010
Changing the soil surface management in vineyards: immediate and delayed effects on the growth and yield of grapevine
A Ripoche, A Metay, F Celette, C Gary
Plant and soil 339, 259-271, 2011
A component-based framework for simulating agricultural production and externalities
M Donatelli, G Russell, AE Rizzoli, M Acutis, M Adam, IN Athanasiadis, ...
Environmental and agricultural modelling: integrated approaches for policy …, 2010
Design of intercrop management plans to fulfil production and environmental objectives in vineyards
A Ripoche, F Celette, JP Cinna, C Gary
European Journal of Agronomy 32 (1), 30-39, 2010
Contribution of runoff to incomplete off season soil water refilling in a Mediterranean vineyard
R Gaudin, F Celette, C Gary
Agricultural Water Management 97 (10), 1534-1540, 2010
Modelling soil water content and grapevine growth and development with the STICS crop-soil model under two different water management strategies
H Valdés-Gómez, F Celette, IG de Cortázar-Atauri, F Jara-Rojas, ...
Oeno One 43 (1), 13-28, 2009
Integrating multipurpose perennial grains crops in Western European farming systems
O Duchene, F Celette, MR Ryan, LR DeHaan, TE Crews, C David
Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment 284, 106591, 2019
Early assessment of ecological services provided by forage legumes in relay intercropping
S Vrignon-Brenas, F Celette, A Piquet-Pissaloux, MH Jeuffroy, C David
European Journal of Agronomy 75, 89-98, 2016
Agroecological practices for sustainable agriculture. A review. Agron Sustain Dev 34: 1–20
A Wezel, M Casagrande, F Celette, JF Vian, A Ferrer, J Peigné
Introducing perennial grain in grain crops rotation: the role of rooting pattern in soil quality management
O Duchene, F Celette, A Barreiro, LM Dimitrova Mårtensson, GT Freschet, ...
Agronomy 10 (9), 1254, 2020
Wheat yield and quality as influenced by reduced tillage in organic farming
J Peigné, M Messmer, A Aveline, A Berner, P Mäder, M Carcea, ...
Organic agriculture 4, 1-13, 2014
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