Koffi Djaman
Koffi Djaman
Associate Professor, New Mexico State University
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Citované v
Evaluation of sixteen reference evapotranspiration methods under sahelian conditions in the Senegal River Valley
K Djaman, AB Balde, A Sow, B Muller, S Irmak, MK N’Diaye, B Manneh, ...
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K Djaman, S Irmak
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K Djaman, S Irmak
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Effects of Alternate Wetting and Drying Irrigation Regime and Nitrogen Fertilizer on Yield and Nitrogen Use Efficiency of Irrigated Rice in the Sahel
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Trend analysis in standardized precipitation index and standardized anomaly index in the context of climate change in Southern Togo
K Koudahe, AJ Kayode, AO Samson, AA Adebola, K Djaman
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Critical review of the impact of cover crops on soil properties
K Koudahe, SC Allen, K Djaman
International Soil and Water Conservation Research 10 (3), 343-354, 2022
Evaluation of the Penman-Monteith and other 34 reference evapotranspiration equations under limited data in a semiarid dry climate
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Hourly and daily single and basal evapotranspiration crop coefficients as a function of growing degree days, days after emergence, leaf area index, fractional green canopy …
S Irmak, LO Odhiambo, JE Specht, K Djaman
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Plant nutrient uptake and soil nutrient dynamics under full and limited irrigation and rainfed maize production
K Djaman, S Irmak, DL Martin, RB Ferguson, ML Bernards
Agronomy Journal 105 (2), 527-538, 2013
Evaluation of FAO-56 penman-monteith model with limited data and the valiantzas models for estimating grass-reference evapotranspiration in Sahelian conditions
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Journal of Irrigation and Drainage Engineering 142 (11), 04016044, 2016
Effect of Nitrogen Fertilizer Dose and Application Timing on Yield and Nitrogen Use Efficiency of Irrigated Hybrid Rice under Semi-Arid Conditions
K Djaman, V Mel, ...
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Analyses, calibration and validation of evapotranspiration models to predict grass-reference evapotranspiration in the Senegal river delta
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The influence of climatic inputs on stream-flow pattern forecasting: case study of Upper Senegal River
L Diop, A Bodian, K Djaman, ZM Yaseen, RC Deo, A El-Shafie, LC Brown
Environmental earth sciences 77, 1-13, 2018
Irrigation Management in Potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) Production: A Review
K Djaman, S Irmak, K Koudahe, S Allen
Sustainability 13 (3), 1504, 2021
Future climate change impacts on streamflows of two main West Africa river Basins: Senegal and Gambia
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Hydrology 5 (1), 21, 2018
Impacts of cover crops on soil physical properties: Field capacity, permanent wilting point, soil-water holding capacity, bulk density, hydraulic conductivity, and infiltration
S Irmak, V Sharma, AT Mohammed, K Djaman
Transactions of the ASABE 61 (4), 1307-1321, 2018
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