Chris Newman
Chris Newman
Wildlife Conservation Research Unit, University of Oxford
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Identification of animal movement patterns using tri-axial accelerometry
ELC Shepard, RP Wilson, F Quintana, AG Laich, N Liebsch, DA Albareda, ...
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The Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market in Wuhan was the early epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic
Science 1126 (10), 2022
Validating mammal monitoring methods and assessing the performance of volunteers in wildlife conservation—“Sed quis custodiet ipsos custodies?”
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Fear of the human “super predator” far exceeds the fear of large carnivores in a model mesocarnivore
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Animal sales from Wuhan wet markets immediately prior to the COVID-19 pandemic
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Is Mycobacterium bovis in the environment important for the persistence of bovine tuberculosis?
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Biogeographical variation in the diet of Holarctic martens (genus Martes, Mammalia: Carnivora: Mustelidae): adaptive foraging in generalists
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Balancing the benefits of ecotourism and development: The effects of visitor trail-use on mammals in a Protected Area in rapidly developing China
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Leukocyte coping capacity: a novel technique for measuring the stress response in vertebrates
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Scaling up pangolin protection in China
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Age‐specific breeding success in a wild mammalian population: selection, constraint, restraint and senescence
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Group size versus territory size in group‐living badgers: a large‐sample field test of the Resource Dispersion Hypothesis
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