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Citované v
Citované v
Prophages and growth dynamics confound experimental results with antibiotic-tolerant persister cells
A Harms, C Fino, MA Sørensen, S Semsey, K Gerdes
MBio 8 (6), 10.1128/mbio. 01964-17, 2017
A 3′ external transcribed spacer in a tRNA transcript acts as a sponge for small RNAs to prevent transcriptional noise
D Lalaouna, MC Carrier, S Semsey, JS Brouard, J Wang, JT Wade, ...
Molecular cell 58 (3), 393-405, 2015
Bacteriophage infection is targeted to cellular poles
R Edgar, A Rokney, M Feeney, S Semsey, M Kessel, MB Goldberg, ...
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Simplified models of biological networks
K Sneppen, S Krishna, S Semsey
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S Semsey, AMC Andersson, S Krishna, MH Jensen, E Massé, K Sneppen
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Efficient degradation and expression prioritization with small RNAs
N Mitarai, AMC Andersson, S Krishna, S Semsey, K Sneppen
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A gamut of loops: meandering DNA
S Semsey, K Virnik, S Adhya
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Dynamic features of gene expression control by small regulatory RNAs
N Mitarai, JAM Benjamin, S Krishna, S Semsey, Z Csiszovszki, E Massé, ...
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Operator‐bound GalR dimers close DNA loops by direct interaction: tetramerization and inducer binding
S Semsey, M Geanacopoulos, DEA Lewis, S Adhya
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Vesicle fusion triggered by optically heated gold nanoparticles
A Rørvig-Lund, A Bahadori, S Semsey, PM Bendix, LB Oddershede
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Birth and resuscitation of (p) ppGpp induced antibiotic tolerant persister cells
MS Svenningsen, A Veress, A Harms, N Mitarai, S Semsey
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Signal integration in the galactose network of Escherichia coli
S Semsey, S Krishna, K Sneppen, S Adhya
Molecular microbiology 65 (2), 465-476, 2007
Structure and function of negative feedback loops at the interface of genetic and metabolic networks
S Krishna, AMC Andersson, S Semsey, K Sneppen
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Genetic flexibility of regulatory networks
A Hunziker, C Tuboly, P Horváth, S Krishna, S Semsey
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Why do phage play dice?
M Avlund, IB Dodd, S Semsey, K Sneppen, S Krishna
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“Antiparallel” DNA loop in gal repressosome visualized by atomic force microscopy
K Virnik, YL Lyubchenko, MA Karymov, P Dahlgren, MY Tolstorukov, ...
Journal of molecular biology 334 (1), 53-63, 2003
Three-stage regulation of the amphibolic gal operon: from repressosome to GalR-free DNA
S Semsey, K Virnik, S Adhya
Journal of molecular biology 358 (2), 355-363, 2006
Genome-wide screening of genes regulated by DNA methylation in colon cancer development
S Spisak, A Kalmár, O Galamb, B Wichmann, F Sipos, B Peterfia, I Csabai, ...
Public Library of Science 7 (10), e46215, 2012
Frustrated bistability as a means to engineer oscillations in biological systems
S Krishna, S Semsey, MH Jensen
Physical biology 6 (3), 036009, 2009
DNA trajectory in the Gal repressosome
S Semsey, MY Tolstorukov, K Virnik, VB Zhurkin, S Adhya
Genes & development 18 (15), 1898-1907, 2004
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