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Biodiversity, conservation and current threats to European honeybees
P De la Rúa, R Jaffé, R Dall'Olio, I Muñoz, J Serrano
Apidologie 40 (3), 263-284, 2009
Standard methods for molecular research in Apis mellifera
JD Evans, RS Schwarz, YP Chen, G Budge, RS Cornman, P De la Rua, ...
Journal of apicultural research 52 (4), 1-54, 2013
Population genetic structure of coastal Croatian honeybees (Apis mellifera carnica)
I Muñoz, R Dall’Olio, M Lodesani, P De la Rúa
Apidologie 40 (6), 617-626, 2009
Conserving genetic diversity in the honeybee: Comments on Harpur et al. (2012)
P De la Rúa, R Jaffé, I Muñoz, J Serrano, RFA Moritz, FB Kraus
Molecular Ecology 22 (12), 3208-3210, 2013
Reduced SNP Panels for Genetic Identification and Introgression Analysis in the Dark Honey Bee (Apis mellifera mellifera)
I Muñoz, D Henriques, JS Johnston, J Chávez-Galarza, P Kryger, ...
PLoS One 10 (4), e0124365, 2015
Signatures of selection in the Iberian honey bee (Apis mellifera iberiensis) revealed by a genome scan analysis of single nucleotide polymorphisms
J Chávez‐Galarza, D Henriques, JS Johnston, JC Azevedo, JC Patton, ...
Molecular ecology 22 (23), 5890-5907, 2013
Genetic variation of from Serbia inferred from mitochondrial analysis
I Munoz, J Stevanovic, Z Stanimirovic, P De la Rúa
Journal of Apicultural Science 56 (1), 59-69, 2012
SNP s selected by information content outperform randomly selected microsatellite loci for delineating genetic identification and introgression in the endangered dark European …
I Munoz, D Henriques, L Jara, JS Johnston, J Chávez‐Galarza, ...
Molecular ecology resources 17 (4), 783-795, 2017
Genetic profile of Varroa destructor infesting Apis mellifera iberiensis colonies
I Muñoz, E Garrido-Bailón, R Martín-Hernández, A Meana, M Higes, ...
Journal of apicultural research 47 (4), 310-313, 2008
Connectivity between coastal lagoons and sea: Asymmetrical effects on assemblages' and populations' structure
A Pérez-Ruzafa, F De Pascalis, M Ghezzo, JI Quispe-Becerra, ...
Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 216, 171-186, 2019
The Atlantic side of the Iberian Peninsula: a hot-spot of novel African honey bee maternal diversity
MA Pinto, I Muñoz, J Chávez-Galarza, P De la Rúa
Apidologie 43, 663-673, 2012
Climate rather than geography separates two E uropean honeybee subspecies
CO Coroian, I Muñoz, EA Schlüns, OR Paniti‐Teleky, S Erler, EM Furdui, ...
Molecular ecology 23 (9), 2353-2361, 2014
Estimating introgression in Apis mellifera siciliana populations: are the conservation islands really effective?
I Muñoz, R Dall′ Olio, M Lodesani, P De la Rúa
Insect Conservation and Diversity 7 (6), 563-571, 2014
Presence of Nosema ceranae associated with honeybee queen introductions
I Muñoz, A Cepero, MA Pinto, R Martín-Hernández, M Higes, P De la Rúa
Infection, Genetics and Evolution 23, 161-168, 2014
Maternal diversity patterns of Ibero-Atlantic populations reveal further complexity of Iberian honeybees
MA Pinto, D Henriques, M Neto, H Guedes, I Muñoz, JC Azevedo, ...
Apidologie 44, 430-439, 2013
Effects of queen importation on the genetic diversity of Macaronesian island honey bee populations (Apis mellifera Linneaus 1758)
I Muñoz, MA Pinto, P De la Rúa
Journal of Apicultural Research 53 (2), 296-302, 2014
Apis mellifera evolutionary lineages in Northern Africa: Libya, where orient meets occident
T Shaibi, I Muñoz, R Dall′ Olio, M Lodesani, P De la Rúa, RFA Moritz
Insectes sociaux 56, 293-300, 2009
High sample throughput genotyping for estimating C-lineage introgression in the dark honeybee: an accurate and cost-effective SNP-based tool
D Henriques, KA Browne, MW Barnett, M Parejo, P Kryger, TC Freeman, ...
Scientific reports 8 (1), 1-14, 2018
Population structure of North African honey bees is influenced by both biological and anthropogenic factors
N Chahbar, I Munoz, R Dall’Olio, P De la Rúa, J Serrano, S Doumandji
Journal of Insect Conservation 17, 385-392, 2013
Temporal changes in mitochondrial diversity highlights contrasting population events in Macaronesian honey bees
I Muñoz, MA Pinto, P De la Rúa
Apidologie 44, 295-305, 2013
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