Michael Sheinman
Michael Sheinman
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Stress controls the mechanics of collagen networks
AJ Licup, S Münster, A Sharma, M Sheinman, LM Jawerth, B Fabry, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112 (31), 9573-9578, 2015
Molecular motors robustly drive active gels to a critically connected state
J Alvarado, M Sheinman, A Sharma, FC MacKintosh, GH Koenderink
Nature physics 9 (9), 591-597, 2013
Strain-controlled criticality governs the nonlinear mechanics of fibre networks
A Sharma, AJ Licup, R Rens, M Sheinman, KA Jansen, GH Koenderink, ...
Nature Physics 12 (6), 584, 2016
Filament-Length-Controlled Elasticity in 3D Fiber Networks
CP Broedersz, M Sheinman, FC MacKintosh
Physical Review Letters 108 (7), 78102, 2012
Classes of fast and specific search mechanisms for proteins on DNA
M Sheinman, O Bénichou, Y Kafri, R Voituriez
Reports on Progress in Physics 75 (2), 026601, 2012
Nonlinear effective-medium theory of disordered spring networks
M Sheinman, CP Broedersz, FC MacKintosh
Physical Review E 85 (2), 021801, 2012
Searching fast for a target on a DNA without falling to traps
O Bénichou, Y Kafri, M Sheinman, R Voituriez
Phys. Rev. Lett. 1381, 138102, 2009
Actively stressed marginal networks
M Sheinman, CP Broedersz, FC MacKintosh
Physical Review Letters 109 (23), 238101, 2012
Anomalous discontinuity at the percolation critical point of active gels
M Sheinman, A Sharma, J Alvarado, GH Koenderink, FC MacKintosh
Physical review letters 114 (9), 098104, 2015
Force percolation of contractile active gels
J Alvarado, M Sheinman, A Sharma, FC MacKintosh, GH Koenderink
Soft matter 13 (34), 5624-5644, 2017
The effects of intersegmental transfers on target location by proteins
M Sheinman, Y Kafri
Physical biology 6 (1), 016003, 2009
Fluctuation-stabilized marginal networks and anomalous entropic elasticity
M Dennison, M Sheinman, C Storm, FC MacKintosh
Physical review letters 111 (9), 095503, 2013
Genomic analysis defines clonal relationships of ductal carcinoma in situ and recurrent invasive breast cancer
EH Lips, T Kumar, A Megalios, LL Visser, M Sheinman, A Fortunato, ...
Nature genetics 54 (6), 850-860, 2022
Decay of quantum accelerator modes
M Sheinman, S Fishman, I Guarneri, L Rebuzzini
Physical Review A 73 (5), 052110, 2006
Dynamical behavior of disordered spring networks
MG Yucht, M Sheinman, CP Broedersz
Soft Matter 9, 7000, 2013
Identical sequences found in distant genomes reveal frequent horizontal transfer across the bacterial domain
M Sheinman, K Arkhipova, PF Arndt, BE Dutilh, R Hermsen, F Massip
Elife 10, e62719, 2021
Elastic response of filamentous networks with compliant crosslinks
A Sharma, M Sheinman, KM Heidemann, FC MacKintosh
Physical Review E 88 (5), 052705, 2013
How evolution of genomes is reflected in exact DNA sequence match statistics
F Massip, M Sheinman, S Schbath, PF Arndt
Molecular biology and evolution 32 (2), 524-535, 2015
Evolutionary dynamics of selfish DNA explains the abundance distribution of genomic subsequences
M Sheinman, A Ramisch, F Massip, PF Arndt
Scientific reports 6 (1), 30851, 2016
How does the DNA sequence affect the Hill curve of transcriptional response?
M Sheinman, Y Kafri
Physical Biology 9 (5), 056006, 2012
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