R Dean Malmgren
R Dean Malmgren
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A Poissonian explanation for heavy tails in e-mail communication
RD Malmgren, DB Stouffer, AE Motter, LAN Amaral
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 105 (47), 18153-18158, 2008
Duality between time series and networks
ASLO Campanharo, MI Sirer, RD Malmgren, FM Ramos, LAN Amaral
PloS one 6 (8), e23378, 2011
On universality in human correspondence activity
RD Malmgren, DB Stouffer, ASLO Campanharo, LAN Amaral
science 325 (5948), 1696-1700, 2009
The role of mentorship in protégé performance
RD Malmgren, JM Ottino, LA Nunes Amaral
Nature 465 (7298), 622-626, 2010
Characterizing individual communication patterns
RD Malmgren, JM Hofman, LAN Amaral, DJ Watts
Proceedings of the 15th ACM SIGKDD international conference on Knowledge …, 2009
Poissonian bursts in e-mail correspondence
C Anteneodo, RD Malmgren, DR Chialvo
The European Physical Journal B 75, 389-394, 2010
Thermochemistry of radicals and molecules relevant to atmospheric chemistry: determination of group additivity values using G3//B3LYP theory
SS Khan, X Yu, JR Wade, RD Malmgren, LJ Broadbelt
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 113 (17), 5176-5194, 2009
Log-normal statistics in e-mail communication patterns
DB Stouffer, RD Malmgren, LAN Amaral
arXiv preprint physics/0605027, 2006
Comments on “The origin of bursts and heavy tails in human dynamics”
DB Stouffer, RD Malmgren, LAN Amaral
arXiv preprint physics/0510216, 2005
Strange bedfellows: community identification in bittorrent.
DR Choffnes, J Duch, RD Malmgren, R Guimera, FE Bustamante, ...
IPTPS, 13, 2010
Foraging under conditions of short-term exploitative competition: the case of stock traders
S Saavedra, RD Malmgren, N Switanek, B Uzzi
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 280 (1755), 20122901, 2013
Comment on Barabasi, Nature 435, 207 (2005)
DB Stouffer, RD Malmgren, LAN Amaral
arXiv preprint physics/0510216, 2005
Micro-bias and macro-performance
SMD Seaver, AA Moreira, M Sales-Pardo, RD Malmgren, D Diermeier, ...
The European Physical Journal B 67, 369-375, 2009
Improving critical thinking and creative problem solving skills by interactive troubleshooting
N Gurmen, JJ Lucas, RD Malmgren, HS Fogler
Proceedings of the 2003 American Society for Engineering Education Annual …, 2003
Social cognition in complex team networks
SMD Seaver, RD Malmgren, AA Moreira, M Sales-Pardo, D Diermeier, ...
Proceedings of the 2005 workshop on social agents, Argonne National …, 2006
Modeling complex systems: From the individual to the collective
RD Malmgren
Northwestern University, 2010
The social cost of partisanship
S Seaver, R Malmgren, A Moreira, D Diermeier, L Amaral
APS March Meeting Abstracts, V33. 012, 2006
Efficiently achieving consensus in scientific collaboration networks
RD Malmgren, S Seaver, R Guimera, D Diermeier, J Ottino, L Amaral
APS March Meeting Abstracts, V33. 005, 2006
Efficiently Achieving Consensus by Using Time Wisely
RD Malmgren, D Diermeier, JM Ottino, LAN Amaral
The 2005 Annual Meeting, 2005
Efficiently achieving consensus by using your time wisely
RD Malmgren, D Diermeier, JM Ottino, LAN Amaral
Electroanalytical Chemistry 261, 301-308, 1989
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