Daniel Jost
Daniel Jost
Physical Biology of Chromatin - Laboratory of Biology and Modeling of the Cell, CNRS, ENS Lyon
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Citované v
Modeling epigenome folding: formation and dynamics of topologically associated chromatin domains
D Jost, P Carrivain, G Cavalli, C Vaillant
Nucleic acids research 42 (15), 9553-9561, 2014
TADs are 3D structural units of higher-order chromosome organization in Drosophila
Q Szabo, D Jost, JM Chang, DI Cattoni, GL Papadopoulos, B Bonev, ...
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4D genome rewiring during oncogene-induced and replicative senescence
S Sati, B Bonev, Q Szabo, D Jost, P Bensadoun, F Serra, V Loubiere, ...
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How epigenome drives chromatin folding and dynamics, insights from efficient coarse-grained models of chromosomes
SK Ghosh, D Jost
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IC-Finder: inferring robustly the hierarchical organization of chromatin folding
N Haddad, C Vaillant, D Jost
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Perspectives: using polymer modeling to understand the formation and function of nuclear compartments
N Haddad, D Jost, C Vaillant
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Epigenomics in 3D: importance of long-range spreading and specific interactions in epigenomic maintenance
D Jost, C Vaillant
Nucleic acids research 46 (5), 2252-2264, 2018
Differential spatial and structural organization of the X chromosome underlies dosage compensation in C. elegans
R Sharma, D Jost, J Kind, G Gómez-Saldivar, B van Steensel, P Askjaer, ...
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A Unified Poland-Scheraga Model of Oligo-and Polynucleotide DNA Melting: Salt Effects and Predictive Power
D Jost, R Everaers
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Rouse model with transient intramolecular contacts on a timescale of seconds recapitulates folding and fluctuation of yeast chromosomes
M Socol, R Wang, D Jost, P Carrivain, C Vaillant, E Le Cam, V Dahirel, ...
Nucleic acids research 47 (12), 6195-6207, 2019
Coupling 1D modifications and 3D nuclear organization: data, models and function
D Jost, C Vaillant, P Meister
Current Opinion in Cell Biology 44, 20-27, 2017
Bifurcation in epigenetics: Implications in development, proliferation, and diseases
D Jost
Physical Review E 89 (1), 010701, 2014
Chromosome dynamics during interphase: a biophysical perspective
MMC Tortora, H Salari, D Jost
Current Opinion in Genetics & Development 61, 37-43, 2020
Small RNA biology is systems biology
D Jost, A Nowojewski, E Levine
BMB reports 44 (1), 11-21, 2011
Temperature Dependence of the DNA Double Helix at the Nanoscale: Structure, Elasticity, and Fluctuations
S Meyer, D Jost, N Theodorakopoulos, M Peyrard, R Lavery, R Everaers
Biophysical Journal 105 (8), 1904-1914, 2013
Guidelines for cell-type heterogeneity quantification based on a comparative analysis of reference-free DNA methylation deconvolution software
C Decamps, F Privé, R Bacher, D Jost, A Waguet, EA Houseman, E Lurie, ...
BMC bioinformatics 21, 1-15, 2020
The folding landscape of the epigenome
JD Olarte-Plata, N Haddad, C Vaillant, D Jost
Physical Biology 13 (2), 026001, 2016
4D nucleome modeling
M Di Stefano, J Paulsen, D Jost, MA Marti-Renom
Current Opinion in Genetics & Development 67, 25-32, 2021
Polymer modelling unveils the roles of heterochromatin and nucleolar organizing regions in shaping 3D genome organization in Arabidopsis thaliana
M Di Stefano, HW Nützmann, MA Marti-Renom, D Jost
Nucleic Acids Research 49 (4), 1840-1858, 2021
Regulating the Many to Benefit the Few: Role of Weak Small RNA Targets
D Jost, A Nowojewski, E Levine
Biophysical Journal 104 (8), 1773-1782, 2013
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