Renato Hajenius Aché de Freitas
Renato Hajenius Aché de Freitas
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Citované v
Citované v
Feeding behavior of the longsnout seahorse Hippocampus reidi Ginsburg, 1933
AKC Felício, IL Rosa, A Souto, RHA Freitas
Journal of ethology 24, 219-225, 2006
Early growth and juvenile population structure of lemon sharks Negaprion brevirostris in the Atol das Rocas Biological Reserve, off north‐east Brazil
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Red light stimulates feeding motivation in fish but does not improve growth
GL Volpato, TS Bovi, RHA de Freitas, DF da Silva, HC Delicio, ...
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DNA barcoding reveals the mislabeling of fish in a popular tourist destination in Brazil
CF Staffen, MD Staffen, ML Becker, SE Löfgren, YCN Muniz, ...
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Traditional fisher perceptions on the regional disappearance of the largetooth sawfish Pristis pristis from the central coast of Brazil
JA Reis-Filho, RHA Freitas, M Loiola, L Leite, G Soeiro, HHQ Oliveira, ...
Endangered Species Research 29 (3), 189-200, 2016
Population size and survivorship for juvenile lemon sharks (Negaprion brevirostris) on their nursery grounds at a marine protected area in Brazil
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Eye darkening as a reliable, easy and inexpensive indicator of stress in fish
RHA Freitas, CA Negrão, AKC Felício, GL Volpato
Zoology 117 (3), 179-184, 2014
Public awareness of the economic potential and threats to sharks of a tropical oceanic archipelago in the western South Atlantic
RC Garla, RHA Freitas, JF Calado, GBC Paterno, AR Carvalho
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Behavioral response of Nile tilapia to an allopatric predator
RHA Freitas, GL Volpato
Marine and Freshwater Behaviour and Physiology 41 (4), 267-272, 2008
Reconhecimento etnoecológico sobre o tubarão-mangona Carcharias taurus sob a perspectiva de pescadores artesanais da grande Florianópolis-SC, Brasil
MC Santos, E Faria-Junior, RHA de Freitas
Revista Nordestina de Biologia 27 (1), 2019
Unravelling the foraging behavior of the southern stingray, Hypanus americanus (Myliobatiformes: Dasyatidae) in a Southwestern Atlantic MPA
RHA Freitas, AA Aguiar, AKCHA Freitas, SMQ Lima, JL Valentin
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Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom 95 (6 …, 2015
Motivation and time of day affect decision-making for substratum granulometry in the Nile tilapia Oreochromis niloticus.
RHA Freitas, GL Volpato
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A shot in the dark for conservation: Evidence of illegal commerce in endemic and threatened species of elasmobranch at a public fish market in southern Brazil
VP Cruz, AMCL Adachi, GS Ribeiro, PH Oliveira, C Oliveira, ...
Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems 31 (7), 1650-1659, 2021
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Archaeological sharks: changes in the trophic ecology between late Holocene and modern shark communities in South Brazil
G Burg Mayer, RHA de Freitas
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Multilocus phylogeography of the endemic and endangered angular angelshark (Squatina guggenheim) in the Southwest Atlantic Ocean
IV Bunholi, BL da Silva Ferrette, RR Domingues, MM Rotundo, ...
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High trophic overlap between co-occurring sea urchins in Southern Brazil
CA da Silva Junior, CAMM Cordeiro, PA Horta, TL Gaspar, MSH Damiani, ...
Regional Studies in Marine Science 52, 102330, 2022
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