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Multilocus patterns of nucleotide diversity, linkage disequilibrium and demographic history of Norway spruce [Picea abies (L.) Karst]
M Heuertz, E De Paoli, T Källman, H Larsson, I Jurman, M Morgante, ...
Genetics 174 (4), 2095-2105, 2006
Evolution of the PEBP gene family in plants: functional diversification in seed plant evolution
A Karlgren, N Gyllenstrand, T Källman, JF Sundström, D Moore, ...
Plant physiology 156 (4), 1967-1977, 2011
A Norway spruce FLOWERING LOCUS T homolog is implicated in control of growth rhythm in conifers
N Gyllenstrand, D Clapham, T Källman, U Lagercrantz
Plant physiology 144 (1), 248-257, 2007
Disentangling the Roles of History and Local Selection in Shaping Clinal Variation of Allele Frequencies and Gene Expression in Norway Spruce (Picea abies)
J Chen, T Källman, X Ma, N Gyllenstrand, G Zaina, M Morgante, ...
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Early evolution of the MFT-like gene family in plants
H Hedman, T Källman, U Lagercrantz
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Demographic histories of four spruce (Picea) species of the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau and neighboring areas inferred from multiple nuclear loci
Y Li, M Stocks, S Hemmilä, T Källman, H Zhu, Y Zhou, J Chen, J Liu, ...
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Contrasting demographic history and population structure in Capsella rubella and Capsella grandiflora, two closely related species with different mating systems
Molecular Ecology, 2011
Does the core circadian clock in the moss Physcomitrella patens (Bryophyta) comprise a single loop?
K Holm, T Källman, N Gyllenstrand, H Hedman, U Lagercrantz
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The extent and meaning of hybridization and introgression between Siberian spruce (Picea obovata) and Norway spruce (Picea abies): cryptic refugia as stepping …
Y Tsuda, J Chen, M Stocks, T Källman, JH Sønstebø, L Parducci, ...
Molecular Ecology 25 (12), 2773-2789, 2016
New insights on the speciation history and nucleotide diversity of three boreal spruce species and a Tertiary relict
J Chen, T Källman, N Gyllenstrand, M Lascoux
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Cerium oxide nanoparticles inhibit differentiation of neural stem cells
AR Gliga, K Edoff, F Caputo, T Källman, H Blom, HL Karlsson, L Ghibelli, ...
Scientific reports 7 (1), 1-20, 2017
A significant fraction of 21-nucleotide small RNA originates from phased degradation of resistance genes in several perennial species
T Källman, J Chen, N Gyllenstrand, U Lagercrantz
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Population genetic evidence for complex evolutionary histories of four high altitude juniper species in the Qinghai–Tibetan Plateau
Z Li, J Zou, K Mao, K Lin, H Li, J Liu, T Källman, M Lascoux
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Clinal variation at phenology-related genes in spruce: parallel evolution in FTL2 and Gigantea?
J Chen, Y Tsuda, M Stocks, T Källman, N Xu, K Kärkkäinen, T Huotari, ...
Genetics 197 (3), 1025-1038, 2014
Sequencing of the needle transcriptome from Norway spruce (Picea abies Karst L.) reveals lower substitution rates, but similar selective constraints in gymnosperms and angiosperms
J Chen, S Uebbing, N Gyllenstrand, U Lagercrantz, M Lascoux, T Källman
BMC genomics 13 (1), 1-15, 2012
A Picea abies Linkage Map Based on SNP Markers Identifies QTLs for Four Aspects of Resistance to Heterobasidion parviporum Infection
M Lind, T Källman, J Chen, XF Ma, J Bousquet, M Morgante, G Zaina, ...
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Transcriptional and epigenetic changes influencing skeletal muscle metabolism in women with polycystic ovary syndrome
E Nilsson, A Benrick, M Kokosar, A Krook, E Lindgren, T Källman, ...
The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism 103 (12), 4465-4477, 2018
Different Alleles of a Gene Encoding Leucoanthocyanidin Reductase (PaLAR3) Influence Resistance against the Fungus Heterobasidion parviporum in Picea abies
M Nemesio-Gorriz, A Hammerbacher, K Ihrmark, T Källman, Å Olson, ...
Plant Physiology 171 (4), 2671-2681, 2016
A single bout of electroacupuncture remodels epigenetic and transcriptional changes in adipose tissue in polycystic ovary syndrome
M Kokosar, A Benrick, A Perfilyev, E Nilsson, T Källman, C Ohlsson, ...
Scientific Reports 8 (1), 1878, 2018
No Time for Spruce: Rapid Dampening of Circadian Rhythms in Picea abies (L. Karst)
N Gyllenstrand, A Karlgren, D Clapham, K Holm, A Hall, PD Gould, ...
Plant and Cell Physiology 55 (3), 535-550, 2014
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