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Carrie Baker Brachmann
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Designer deletion strains derived from Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288C: A useful set of strains and plasmids for PCR‐mediated gene disruption and other …
C Baker Brachmann, A Davies, GJ Cost, E Caputo, J Li, P Hieter, ...
Yeast 14 (2), 115-132, 1998
A phylogenetically conserved NAD+-dependent protein deacetylase activity in the Sir2 protein family
JS Smith, CB Brachmann, I Celic, MA Kenna, S Muhammad, VJ Starai, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 97 (12), 6658-6663, 2000
Recombinant human DNase I reduces the viscosity of cystic fibrosis sputum.
S Shak, DJ Capon, R Hellmiss, SA Marsters, CL Baker
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 87 (23), 9188-9192, 1990
The SIR2 gene family, conserved from bacteria to humans, functions in silencing, cell cycle progression, and chromosome stability.
CB Brachmann, JM Sherman, SE Devine, EE Cameron, L Pillus, ...
Genes & development 9 (23), 2888-2902, 1995
Distribution of a limited Sir2 protein pool regulates the strength of yeast rDNA silencing and is modulated by Sir4p
JS Smith, CB Brachmann, L Pillus, JD Boeke
Genetics 149 (3), 1205-1219, 1998
SPARC Expression Did Not Predict Efficacy of nab-Paclitaxel plus Gemcitabine or Gemcitabine Alone for Metastatic Pancreatic Cancer in an Exploratory Analysis …
M Hidalgo, C Plaza, M Musteanu, P Illei, CB Brachmann, C Heise, ...
Clinical Cancer Research 21 (21), 4811-4818, 2015
The Drosophila bcl-2 family member dBorg-1 functions in the apoptotic response to UV-irradiation
CB Brachmann, OW Jassim, BD Wachsmuth, RL Cagan
Current biology 10 (9), 547-550, 2000
The Conserved Core of a Human SIR2 Homologue Functions in Yeast Silencing
JM Sherman, EM Stone, LL Freeman-Cook, CB Brachmann, JD Boeke, ...
Molecular biology of the cell 10 (9), 3045-3059, 1999
The Molecular Mechanisms of OPA1-Mediated Optic Atrophy in Drosophila Model and Prospects for Antioxidant Treatment
W Yarosh, J Monserrate, JJ Tong, S Tse, PK Le, K Nguyen, ...
PLoS genetics 4 (1), e6, 2008
Patterning the fly eye: the role of apoptosis
CB Brachmann, RL Cagan
TRENDS in Genetics 19 (2), 91-96, 2003
Invading the yeast nucleus: a nuclear localization signal at the C terminus of Ty1 integrase is required for transposition in vivo
MA Kenna, CB Brachmann, SE Devine, JD Boeke
Molecular and cellular biology, 1998
ACVR1/JAK1/JAK2 inhibitor momelotinib reverses transfusion dependency and suppresses hepcidin in myelofibrosis phase 2 trial
ST Oh, M Talpaz, AT Gerds, V Gupta, S Verstovsek, R Mesa, CB Miller, ...
Blood advances 4 (18), 4282-4291, 2020
Albumin-bound nanoparticle (nab) paclitaxel exhibits enhanced paclitaxel tissue distribution and tumor penetration
N Chen, C Brachmann, X Liu, DW Pierce, J Dey, WS Kerwin, Y Li, S Zhou, ...
Cancer chemotherapy and pharmacology 76, 699-712, 2015
A phase 1/2, open-label study evaluating twice-daily administration of momelotinib in myelofibrosis
V Gupta, RA Mesa, MWN Deininger, CE Rivera, S Sirhan, CB Brachmann, ...
Haematologica 102 (1), 94, 2017
The Schizosaccharomyces pombe hst4 + Gene Is a SIR2 Homologue with Silencing and Centromeric Functions
LL Freeman-Cook, JM Sherman, CB Brachmann, RC Allshire, JD Boeke, ...
Molecular biology of the cell 10 (10), 3171-3186, 1999
A randomized, controlled phase III trial of nab-Paclitaxel versus dacarbazine in chemotherapy-naïve patients with metastatic melanoma
EM Hersh, M Del Vecchio, MP Brown, R Kefford, C Loquai, A Testori, ...
Annals of Oncology 26 (11), 2267-2274, 2015
Drosophila Bcl‐2 proteins participate in stress‐induced apoptosis, but are not required for normal development
EA Sevrioukov, J Burr, EW Huang, HH Assi, JP Monserrate, DC Purves, ...
Genesis 45 (4), 184-193, 2007
Andecaliximab/GS-5745 alone and combined with mFOLFOX6 in advanced gastric and gastroesophageal junction adenocarcinoma: results from a phase I study
MA Shah, A Starodub, S Sharma, J Berlin, M Patel, ZA Wainberg, ...
Clinical Cancer Research 24 (16), 3829-3837, 2018
Bcl-2 proteins and autophagy regulate mitochondrial dynamics during programmed cell death in the Drosophila ovary
EA Tanner, TA Blute, CB Brachmann, K McCall
Development 138 (2), 327-338, 2011
A critical proteolytic cleavage site near the C terminus of the yeast retrotransposon Ty1 Gag protein
GV Merkulov, KM Swiderek, CB Brachmann, JD Boeke
Journal of virology 70 (8), 5548-5556, 1996
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