Naser Aghababaei
Naser Aghababaei
Tehran, Iran
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Citované v
Citované v
Well-being and the Dark Triad
N Aghababaei, A Błachnio
Personality and individual differences 86, 365-368, 2015
Dirty Dozen vs. the H factor: Comparison of the Dark Triad and Honesty–Humility in prosociality, religiosity, and happiness
N Aghababaei, S Mohammadtabar, M Saffarinia
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Well-being and the HEXACO model of personality
N Aghababaei, A Arji
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Predicting subjective well-being by religious and scientific attitudes with hope, purpose in life, and death anxiety as mediators
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N Aghababaei, A Błachnio, A Arji, M Chiniforoushan, M Tekke, ...
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God, the good life, and HEXACO: The relations among religion, subjective well-being and personality
N Aghababaei
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N Aghababaei
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N Aghababaei, MT Tabik
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N Aghababaei, A Błachnio
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Between you and God, where is the general factor of personality? Exploring personality-religion relationships in a Muslim context
N Aghababaei
Personality and Individual Differences 55 (2), 196-198, 2013
نقش رگه قدرداني در پيش بيني بهزيستي روان شناختي و فاعلي
آقابابايي ناصر, فراهاني حجت اله
روانشناسي تحولي (روانشناسان ايراني) 8 (29), 75-84, 0
The role of individual characteristics and judgment pattern in attitude towards euthanasia
N Aghababaei, J Hatami, R Rostami
Iran J Crit Care Nurs 4 (1), 23-32, 2011
Pathological narcissism, brain behavioral systems and tendency to substance abuse: The mediating role of self-control
M Mowlaie, A Abolghasemi, N Aghababaei
Personality and Individual Differences 88, 247-250, 2016
Personality factors and attitudes toward euthanasia in Iran: Implications for end-of-life research and practice
N Aghababaei, JA Wasserman, J Hatami
Death studies 38 (2), 91-99, 2014
Attitude toward euthanasia scale: psychometric properties and relations with religious orientation, personality, and life satisfaction
N Aghababaei, JA Wasserman
American Journal of Hospice and Palliative Medicine® 30 (8), 781-785, 2013
The relationships of sense of coherence and self-compassion to worry: the mediating role of personal intelligence
M Mowlaie, N Mikaeili, N Aghababaei, M Ghaffari, A Pouresmali
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Patience and mental health in Iranian students
N Aghababaei, MT Tabik
Iranian journal of psychiatry and behavioral sciences 9 (3), 2015
Attitudes towards euthanasia in Iran: the role of altruism
N Aghababaei
Journal of Medical Ethics 40 (3), 173-176, 2014
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