Abhinav Sharma
Abhinav Sharma
Professor of Physics, Augsburg University
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Citované v
Stress controls the mechanics of collagen networks
AJ Licup, S Münster, A Sharma, M Sheinman, LM Jawerth, B Fabry, ...
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Operational stability of organic field‐effect transistors
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Molecular motors robustly drive active gels to a critically connected state
J Alvarado, M Sheinman, A Sharma, FC MacKintosh, GH Koenderink
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Strain-controlled criticality governs the nonlinear mechanics of fibre networks
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The role of network architecture in collagen mechanics
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Charge trapping at the dielectric of organic transistors visualized in real time and space
SGJ Mathijssen, M Kemerink, A Sharma, M Cölle, PA Bobbert, ...
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ASG van Oosten, M Vahabi, AJ Licup, A Sharma, PA Galie, ...
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Elasticity of fibrous networks under uniaxial prestress
M Vahabi, A Sharma, AJ Licup, ASG van Oosten, PA Galie, PA Janmey, ...
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AJ Licup, A Sharma, FC MacKintosh
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Self-organized stress patterns drive state transitions in actin cortices
TH Tan, M Malik-Garbi, E Abu-Shah, J Li, A Sharma, FC MacKintosh, ...
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Physical review letters 114 (9), 098104, 2015
Proton migration mechanism for operational instabilities in organic field-effect transistors
A Sharma, SGJ Mathijssen, ECP Smits, M Kemerink, DM De Leeuw, ...
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Force percolation of contractile active gels
J Alvarado, M Sheinman, A Sharma, FC MacKintosh, GH Koenderink
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Escape rate of active particles in the effective equilibrium approach
A Sharma, R Wittmann, JM Brader
Phys. Rev. E 95 (1), 012115, 2017
Scalable general high voltage MOSFET model including quasi-saturation and self-heating effects
YS Chauhan, C Anghel, F Krummenacher, C Maier, R Gillon, B Bakeroot, ...
Solid-State Electronics 50 (11), 1801-1813, 2006
Mean first passage time of active Brownian particle in one dimension
A Scacchi, A Sharma
Molecular Physics 116 (4), 460-464, 2018
Strain-driven criticality underlies nonlinear mechanics of fibrous networks
A Sharma, AJ Licup, R Rens, M Vahabi, KA Jansen, GH Koenderink, ...
Physical Review E 94, 042407, 2016
Dimensionality of charge transport in organic field-effect transistors
A Sharma, FWA Van Oost, M Kemerink, PA Bobbert
Physical Review B 85 (23), 235302, 2012
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