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Quenten Schwarz
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Tissue macrophages act as cellular chaperones for vascular anastomosis downstream of VEGF-mediated endothelial tip cell induction
A Fantin, JM Vieira, G Gestri, L Denti, Q Schwarz, S Prykhozhij, F Peri, ...
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Vascular endothelial growth factor controls neuronal migration and cooperates with Sema3A to pattern distinct compartments of the facial nerve
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Compensatory growth of healthy cardiac cells in the presence of diseased cells restores tissue homeostasis during heart development
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VEGF signaling through neuropilin 1 guides commissural axon crossing at the optic chiasm
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Selective requirements for NRP1 ligands during neurovascular patterning
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The cytoplasmic domain of neuropilin 1 is dispensable for angiogenesis, but promotes the spatial separation of retinal arteries and veins
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14-3-3ε and ζ regulate neurogenesis and differentiation of neuronal progenitor cells in the developing brain
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Journal of Neuroscience 34 (36), 12168-12181, 2014
TGFβ stimulated re-epithelialisation is regulated by CTGF and Ras/MEK/ERK signalling
GA Secker, AJ Shortt, E Sampson, QP Schwarz, GS Schultz, JT Daniels
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Neuropilin 1 signaling guides neural crest cells to coordinate pathway choice with cell specification
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Neurodevelopmental and neuropsychiatric behaviour defects arise from 14-3-3ζ deficiency
PS Cheah, HS Ramshaw, PQ Thomas, K Toyo-Oka, X Xu, S Martin, ...
Molecular psychiatry 17 (4), 451-466, 2012
Neuropilin 1 and 2 control cranial gangliogenesis and axon guidance through neural crest cells
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Segmental territories along the cardinal veins generate lymph sacs via a ballooning mechanism during embryonic lymphangiogenesis in mice
M François, K Short, GA Secker, A Combes, Q Schwarz, TL Davidson, ...
Developmental biology 364 (2), 89-98, 2012
Neuropilin, you gotta let me know: should I stay or should I go?
Q Schwarz, C Ruhrberg
Cell adhesion & migration 4 (1), 61-66, 2010
NRP1 and NRP2 cooperate to regulate gangliogenesis, axon guidance and target innervation in the sympathetic nervous system
CH Maden, J Gomes, Q Schwarz, K Davidson, A Tinker, C Ruhrberg
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VEGF signalling controls GnRH neuron survival via NRP1 independently of KDR and blood vessels
A Cariboni, K Davidson, E Dozio, F Memi, Q Schwarz, F Stossi, ...
Development 138 (17), 3723-3733, 2011
Lef1-dependent Wnt/β-catenin signalling drives the proliferative engine that maintains tissue homeostasis during lateral line development
LE Valdivia, RM Young, TA Hawkins, HL Stickney, F Cavodeassi, ...
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Specificity protein 1 (Sp1) maintains basal epithelial expression of the miR-200 family: implications for epithelial-mesenchymal transition
N Kolesnikoff, JL Attema, S Roslan, AG Bert, QP Schwarz, PA Gregory, ...
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Neuropilin-mediated neural crest cell guidance is essential to organise sensory neurons into segmented dorsal root ganglia
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Plexin A3 and plexin A4 convey semaphorin signals during facial nerve development
Q Schwarz, KE Waimey, M Golding, H Takamatsu, A Kumanogoh, ...
Developmental biology 324 (1), 1-9, 2008
Sympathoadrenal neural crest cells: the known, unknown and forgotten?
R Lumb, Q Schwarz
Development, Growth & Differentiation 57 (2), 146-157, 2015
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