Andrew J King
Andrew J King
Associate Professor, SHOALgroup, Biosciences, Swansea University
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Citované v
Citované v
The origins and evolution of leadership
AJ King, DDP Johnson, M Van Vugt
Current biology 19 (19), R911-R916, 2009
Dominance and affiliation mediate despotism in a social primate
AJ King, CMS Douglas, E Huchard, NJB Isaac, G Cowlishaw
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C Sueur, A Jacobs, F Amblard, O Petit, AJ King
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C Sueur, AJ King, L Conradt, G Kerth, D Lusseau, C Mettke‐Hofmann, ...
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AJ King, G Cowlishaw
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Solving the shepherding problem: heuristics for herding autonomous, interacting agents
D Strömbom, RP Mann, AM Wilson, S Hailes, AJ Morton, DJT Sumpter, ...
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Selfish-herd behaviour of sheep under threat
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The role of individual heterogeneity in collective animal behaviour
JW Jolles, AJ King, SS Killen
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AJ King, C Sueur
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Leaders, followers, and group decision-making
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Identification of behaviours from accelerometer data in a wild social primate
G Fehlmann, MJ O’Riain, PW Hopkins, J O’Sullivan, MD Holton, ...
Animal Biotelemetry 5, 1-11, 2017
Sneeze to leave: African wild dogs (Lycaon pictus) use variable quorum thresholds facilitated by sneezes in collective decisions
RH Walker, AJ King, JW McNutt, NR Jordan
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 284 (1862), 20170347, 2017
A Low-Cost Manipulation of Food Resources Reduces Spatial Overlap Between Baboons (Papio ursinus) and Humans in Conflict
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Bolder stickleback fish make faster decisions, but they are not less accurate
D Mamuneas, AJ Spence, A Manica, AJ King
Behavioral Ecology 26 (1), 91-96, 2015
Sex-differences and temporal consistency in stickleback fish boldness
AJ King, I Fürtbauer, D Mamuneas, C James, A Manica
PLoS One 8 (12), e81116, 2013
The dining etiquette of desert baboons: the roles of social bonds, kinship, and dominance in co‐feeding networks
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A critical review of zoo-based olfactory enrichment
F Clark, AJ King
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Ecological, social, and reproductive factors shape producer–scrounger dynamics in baboons
AJ King, NJB Isaac, G Cowlishaw
Behavioral Ecology 20 (5), 1039-1049, 2009
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