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Neta Agmon
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Total synthesis of a functional designer eukaryotic chromosome
N Annaluru, H Muller, LA Mitchell, S Ramalingam, G Stracquadanio, ...
science 344 (6179), 55-58, 2014
Effect of nuclear architecture on the efficiency of double-strand break repair
N Agmon, B Liefshitz, C Zimmer, E Fabre, M Kupiec
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Extrachromosomal circles of satellite repeats and 5S ribosomal DNA in human cells
S Cohen, N Agmon, O Sobol, D Segal
Mobile DNA 1, 1-11, 2010
Versatile genetic assembly system (VEGAS) to assemble pathways for expression in S. cerevisiae
LA Mitchell, J Chuang, N Agmon, C Khunsriraksakul, NA Phillips, Y Cai, ...
Nucleic acids research 43 (13), 6620-6630, 2015
Yeast Golden Gate (yGG) for the Efficient Assembly of S. cerevisiae Transcription Units
N Agmon, LA Mitchell, Y Cai, S Ikushima, J Chuang, A Zheng, WJ Choi, ...
ACS synthetic biology 4 (7), 853-859, 2015
BRCA1 and S phase DNA repair pathways restrict LINE-1 retrotransposition in human cells
P Mita, X Sun, D Fenyö, DJ Kahler, D Li, N Agmon, A Wudzinska, ...
Nature structural & molecular biology 27 (2), 179-191, 2020
Intrinsic biocontainment: multiplex genome safeguards combine transcriptional and recombinational control of essential yeast genes
Y Cai, N Agmon, WJ Choi, A Ubide, G Stracquadanio, K Caravelli, H Hao, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112 (6), 1803-1808, 2015
Analysis of repair mechanism choice during homologous recombination
N Agmon, S Pur, B Liefshitz, M Kupiec
Nucleic acids research 37 (15), 5081-5092, 2009
Proteasome nuclear activity affects chromosome stability by controlling the turnover of Mms22, a protein important for DNA repair
S Ben-Aroya, N Agmon, K Yuen, T Kwok, K McManus, M Kupiec, P Hieter
PLoS genetics 6 (2), e1000852, 2010
The role of Holliday junction resolvases in the repair of spontaneous and induced DNA damage
N Agmon, M Yovel, Y Harari, B Liefshitz, M Kupiec
Nucleic acids research 39 (16), 7009-7019, 2011
Evidence for rolling circle replication of tandem genes in Drosophila
S Cohen, N Agmon, K Yacobi, M Mislovati, D Segal
Nucleic acids research 33 (14), 4519-4526, 2005
A scalable peptide-GPCR language for engineering multicellular communication
S Billerbeck, J Brisbois, N Agmon, M Jimenez, J Temple, M Shen, ...
Nature communications 9 (1), 5057, 2018
Rapid and Efficient CRISPR/Cas9-Based Mating-Type Switching of Saccharomyces cerevisiae
ZX Xie, LA Mitchell, HM Liu, BZ Li, D Liu, N Agmon, Y Wu, X Li, X Zhou, ...
G3: Genes, Genomes, Genetics 8 (1), 173-183, 2018
Debugging and consolidating multiple synthetic chromosomes reveals combinatorial genetic interactions
Y Zhao, C Coelho, AL Hughes, L Lazar-Stefanita, S Yang, AN Brooks, ...
Cell 186 (24), 5220-5236. e16, 2023
Low escape-rate genome safeguards with minimal molecular perturbation of Saccharomyces cerevisiae
N Agmon, Z Tang, K Yang, B Sutter, S Ikushima, Y Cai, K Caravelli, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 114 (8), E1470-E1479, 2017
Phylogenetic debugging of a complete human biosynthetic pathway transplanted into yeast
N Agmon, J Temple, Z Tang, T Schraink, M Baron, J Chen, P Mita, ...
Nucleic acids research 48 (1), 486-499, 2020
Engineered dual selection for directed evolution of SpCas9 PAM specificity
GW Goldberg, JM Spencer, DO Giganti, BR Camellato, N Agmon, ...
Nature communications 12 (1), 349, 2021
Synthetic chromosome fusion: Effects on mitotic and meiotic genome structure and function
J Luo, LA Vale-Silva, AR Raghavan, G Mercy, J Heldrich, X Sun, MK Li, ...
Cell Genomics 3 (11), 2023
Compositions and methods for controlling microbial growth
JD Boeke, N Agmon, Y Cai
US Patent 10,059,927, 2018
Human to yeast pathway transplantation: cross-species dissection of the adenine de novo pathway regulatory node
N Agmon, J Temple, Z Tang, T Schraink, M Baron, J Chen, P Mita, ...
bioRxiv, 147579, 2017
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