Felix Riede
Felix Riede
Professor of Prehistoric Archaeology
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Citované v
Towards an archaeology of pedagogy: learning, teaching and the generation of material culture traditions
JJ Tehrani, F Riede
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Climate and demography in early prehistory: using calibrated 14C dates as population proxies
F Riede
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F Riede
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F Riede
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F Riede, K Edinborough
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F Riede
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N Reynolds, F Riede
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F Riede
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More floods, fires and cyclones—plan for domino effects on sustainability goals
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Rediscovering lessons of adaptation from the past
RC Jackson, AJ Dugmore, F Riede
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2D geometric morphometric analysis casts doubt on the validity of large tanged points as cultural markers in the European Final Palaeolithic
K Serwatka, F Riede
Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 9, 150-159, 2016
A Lateglacial archaeological site in the far north‐west of Europe at Rubha Port an t‐Seilich, Isle of Islay, western Scotland: Ahrensburgian‐style artefacts, absolute dating …
S Mithen, K Wicks, A Pirie, F Riede, C Lane, R Banerjea, V Cullen, ...
Journal of Quaternary Science 30 (5), 396-416, 2015
Past-forwarding ancient calamities. Pathways for making archaeology relevant in disaster risk reduction research
F Riede
Humanities 6 (4), 79, 2017
Maglemosian Memes: technological ontogeny, craft traditions, and the evolution of northern European barbed points
F Riede
Cultural Transmission and Archaeology. Issues and Case Studies, SAA …, 2008
Reconciling material cultures in archaeology with genetic data requires robust cultural evolutionary taxonomies
F Riede, C Hoggard, S Shennan
Palgrave Communications 5 (1), 2019
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