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Damien Hinsinger
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The Phylogeny and Biogeographic History of Ashes (Fraxinus, Oleaceae) Highlight the Roles of Migration and Vicariance in the Diversification of Temperate Trees
DD Hinsinger, J Basak, M Gaudeul, C Cruaud, P Bertolino, ...
PLoS One 8 (11), e80431, 2013
Functional repertoire convergence of distantly related eukaryotic plankton lineages abundant in the sunlit ocean
TO Delmont, M Gaia, DD Hinsinger, P Frémont, C Vanni, ...
Cell Genomics 2 (5), 2022
Deciduous Trees and the Application of Universal DNA Barcodes: A Case Study on the Circumpolar Fraxinus
M Arca, DD Hinsinger, C Cruaud, A Tillier, J Bousquet, ...
PloS one 7 (3), 2012
Functional repertoire convergence of distantly related eukaryotic plankton lineages revealed by genome-resolved metagenomics
TO Delmont, M Gaia, DD Hinsinger, P Fremont, AF Guerra, AM Eren, ...
BioRxiv, 2020.10. 15.341214, 2020
A phylogenetic re-analysis of groupers with applications for Ciguatera fish poisoning
C Schoelinck, DD Hinsinger, A Dettaï, JL Justine
PLoS one 9, 2014
The ‘Pseudorhabdosynochus cupatus group’ (Monogenea: Diplectanidae) on Epinephelus fasciatus, E. howlandi, E. rivulatus and E. merra (Perciformes: Serranidae) off New Caledonia …
DD Hinsinger, JL Justine
Systematic Parasitology 64, 69-90, 2006
Toward phylogenomics of Lauraceae: The complete chloroplast genome sequence of Litsea glutinosa (Lauraceae), an invasive tree species on Indian and Pacific Ocean islands
DD Hinsinger, JS Strijk
Plant Gene, 2016
Fishing for barcodes in the Torrent: from COI to complete mitogenomes on NGS platforms
DD Hinsinger, R Debruyne, M Thomas, GPJ Denys, M Mennesson, J Utge, ...
DNA Barcodes 3 (1), 170-186, 2015
Comparison of intraspecific, interspecific and intergeneric chloroplast diversity in Cycads
GF Jiang, DD Hinsinger, JS Strijk
Scientific Reports 6, 31473, 2016
Phylogenetic footprints of an Antarctic radiation: the Trematominae (Notothenioidei, Teleostei)
AC Lautredou, DD Hinsinger, C Gallut, CHC Cheng, M Berkani, ...
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 2012
Chromosome‐level reference genome of the soursop (Annona muricata): A new resource for Magnoliid research and tropical pomology
J Strijk, D Hinsinger, M Roeder, L Chatrou, T Couvreur, R Erkens, ...
Molecular Ecology Resources, 1-12, 2021
Genome-wide supermatrix analyses of maples (Acer, Sapindaceae) reveal recurring inter-continental migration, mass extinction, and rapid lineage divergence
F Areces-Berazain, DD Hinsinger, JS Strijk
Genomics 113 (2), 681-692, 2021
The phylogeography of Eurasian Fraxinus species reveals ancient transcontinental reticulation
DD Hinsinger, M Gaudeul, A Couloux, J Bousquet, N Frascaria-Lacoste
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 77, 223-237, 2014
Pseudorhabdosynochus venus n. sp. (Monogenea: Diplectanidae) from Epinephelus howlandi (Perciformes: Serranidae) off New Caledonia
DD Hinsinger, JL Justine
Systematic Parasitology 63, 153-158, 2006
Exploring evolution and diversity of Chinese Dipterocarpaceae using next-generation sequencing
T Cvetković, DD Hinsinger, JS Strijk
Scientific Reports 9 (1), 11639, 2019
Trochodendron aralioides, the first chromosome-level draft genome in Trochodendrales and a valuable resource for basal eudicot research
JS Strijk, DD Hinsinger, FP Zhang, KF Cao
GigaScience 8 (11), 1-9, 2019
Phylogenomics resolves deep subfamilial relationships in Malvaceae s.l.
T Cvetković, F Areces-Berazain, DD Hinsinger, DC Thomas, JJ Wieringa, ...
G3 11 (7), jkab136, 2021
Museomics for reconstructing historical floristic exchanges: Divergence of stone oaks across Wallacea
JS Strijk, HT Binh, NV Ngoc, JT Pereira, JWF Slik, RS Sukri, Y Suyama, ...
PloS one 15 (5), e0232936, 2020
The first complete chloroplast sequence of a major tropical timber tree in the Meranti family: Vatica odorata (Dipterocarpaceae)
T Cvetković, DD Hinsinger, JS Strijk
Mitochondrial DNA Part B 2 (1), 52-53, 2017
Complete chloroplast genome sequence of Castanopsis concinna (Fagaceae), a threatened species from Hong Kong and South-Eastern China
D Daniel Hinsinger, J Sergej Strijk
Mitochondrial DNA Part A 28 (1), 65-66, 2017
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