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Are skeletal muscle FNDC5 gene expression and irisin release regulated by exercise and related to health?
S Pekkala, PK Wiklund, JJ Hulmi, JP Ahtiainen, M Horttanainen, ...
The Journal of physiology 591 (21), 5393-5400, 2013
Faecalibacterium prausnitzii treatment improves hepatic health and reduces adipose tissue inflammation in high-fat fed mice
E Munukka, A Rintala, R Toivonen, M Nylund, B Yang, A Takanen, ...
The ISME journal 11 (7), 1667-1679, 2017
Six-week endurance exercise alters gut metagenome that is not reflected in systemic metabolism in over-weight women
E Munukka, JP Ahtiainen, P Puigbó, S Jalkanen, K Pahkala, A Keskitalo, ...
Frontiers in microbiology 9, 2323, 2018
Gut microbiota analysis results are highly dependent on the 16S rRNA gene target region, whereas the impact of DNA extraction is minor
A Rintala, S Pietilä, E Munukka, E Eerola, JP Pursiheimo, A Laiho, ...
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Women with and without metabolic disorder differ in their gut microbiota composition
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Serum metabolic profiles in overweight and obese women with and without metabolic syndrome
PK Wiklund, S Pekkala, R Autio, E Munukka, L Xu, J Saltevo, SM Cheng, ...
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PGC‐1 isoforms and their target genes are expressed differently in human skeletal muscle following resistance and endurance exercise
M Silvennoinen, JP Ahtiainen, JJ Hulmi, S Pekkala, RS Taipale, BC Nindl, ...
Physiological Reports 3 (10), e12563, 2015
Toll‐like receptor 5 in obesity: The role of gut microbiota and adipose tissue inflammation
S Pekkala, E Munukka, L Kong, E Pöllänen, R Autio, C Roos, P Wiklund, ...
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Gut-adipose tissue axis in hepatic fat accumulation in humans
E Munukka, S Pekkala, P Wiklund, O Rasool, R Borra, L Kong, X Ojanen, ...
Journal of hepatology 61 (1), 132-138, 2014
Insulin resistance is associated with altered amino acid metabolism and adipose tissue dysfunction in normoglycemic women
P Wiklund, X Zhang, S Pekkala, R Autio, L Kong, Y Yang, ...
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Genetic, structural and biochemical basis of carbamoyl phosphate synthetase 1 deficiency
AI Martínez, I Pérez-Arellano, S Pekkala, B Barcelona, J Cervera
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Serum osteocalcin is not associated with glucose but is inversely associated with leptin across generations of nondiabetic women
C Lu, KK Ivaska, M Alen, Q Wang, T Törmäkangas, L Xu, P Wiklund, ...
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Metabolic response to 6-week aerobic exercise training and dieting in previously sedentary overweight and obese pre-menopausal women: a randomized trial
P Wiklund, M Alen, E Munukka, SM Cheng, B Yu, S Pekkala, S Cheng
Journal of Sport and Health Science 3 (3), 217-224, 2014
Understanding carbamoyl‐phosphate synthetase I (CPS1) deficiency by using expression studies and structure‐based analysis
S Pekkala, AI Martínez, B Barcelona, I Yefimenko, U Finckh, V Rubio, ...
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Effect of aerobic exercise and low carbohydrate diet on pre-diabetic non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in postmenopausal women and middle aged men–the role of gut microbiota …
WY Liu, DJ Lu, XM Du, JQ Sun, J Ge, RW Wang, R Wang, J Zou, C Xu, ...
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Molecular Characterization of Carbamoyl‐Phosphate Synthetase (CPS 1) Deficiency Using Human Recombinant CPS 1 as a Key Tool
C Diez‐Fernandez, AI Martínez, S Pekkala, B Barcelona, I Pérez‐Arellano, ...
Human Mutation 34 (8), 1149-1159, 2013
Prebiotic xylo-oligosaccharides ameliorate high-fat-diet-induced hepatic steatosis in rats
S Lensu, R Pariyani, E Mäkinen, B Yang, W Saleem, E Munukka, M Lehti, ...
Nutrients 12 (11), 3225, 2020
Effects of exercise and diet interventions on obesity-related sleep disorders in men: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial
X Tan, A Saarinen, TM Mikkola, J Tenhunen, S Martinmäki, A Rahikainen, ...
Trials 14, 1-9, 2013
Nicotinamide riboside improves muscle mitochondrial biogenesis, satellite cell differentiation, and gut microbiota in a twin study
HAK Lapatto, M Kuusela, A Heikkinen, M Muniandy, BW van der Kolk, ...
Science Advances 9 (2), eadd5163, 2023
Peritoneal cavity is a route for gut‐derived microbial signals to promote autoimmunity in non‐obese diabetic mice
R Emani, C Alam, S Pekkala, S Zafar, MR Emani, A Hänninen
Scandinavian journal of immunology 81 (2), 102-109, 2015
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