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Michael Massiah
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Potency of Michael reaction acceptors as inducers of enzymes that protect against carcinogenesis depends on their reactivity with sulfhydryl groups
AT Dinkova-Kostova, MA Massiah, RE Bozak, RJ Hicks, P Talalay
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 98 (6), 3404-3409, 2001
Three-dimensional structure of the human immunodeficiency virus type 1 matrix protein
MA Massiah, MR Starich, C Paschall, MF Summers, AM Christensen, ...
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Structures and mechanisms of Nudix hydrolases
AS Mildvan, Z Xia, HF Azurmendi, V Saraswat, PM Legler, MA Massiah, ...
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Purifying natively folded proteins from inclusion bodies using sarkosyl, Triton X-100, and CHAPS
H Tao, W Liu, BN Simmons, HK Harris, TC Cox, MA Massiah
Biotechniques 48 (1), 61-64, 2010
Solution structure of the RBCC/TRIM B-box1 domain of human MID1: B-box with a RING
MA Massiah, BN Simmons, KM Short, TC Cox
Journal of molecular biology 358 (2), 532-545, 2006
Solution structure of the MID1 B-box2 CHC (D/C) C2H2 zinc-binding domain: insights into an evolutionarily conserved RING fold
MA Massiah, JAB Matts, KM Short, BN Simmons, S Singireddy, Z Yi, ...
Journal of molecular biology 369 (1), 1-10, 2007
Short, strong hydrogen bonds at the active site of human acetylcholinesterase: proton NMR studies
MA Massiah, C Viragh, PM Reddy, IM Kovach, J Johnson, TL Rosenberry, ...
Biochemistry 40 (19), 5682-5690, 2001
The Structural Basis for the Perturbed pKa of the Catalytic Base in 4-Oxalocrotonate Tautomerase:  Kinetic and Structural Effects of Mutations of Phe-50
RM Czerwinski, TK Harris, MA Massiah, AS Mildvan, CP Whitman
Biochemistry 40 (7), 1984-1995, 2001
Comparison of the NMR and X‐ray structures of the HIV‐1 matrix protein: Evidence for conformational changes during viral assembly
MA Massiah, D Worthylake, AM Christensen, WI Sundquist, CP Hill, ...
Protein science 5 (12), 2391-2398, 1996
Three-dimensional structure of the HTLV-II matrix protein and comparative analysis of matrix proteins from the different classes of pathogenic human retroviruses
AM Christensen, MA Massiah, BG Turner, WI Sundquist, MF Summers
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Short, strong hydrogen bonds on enzymes: NMR and mechanistic studies
AS Mildvan, MA Massiah, TK Harris, GT Marks, DHT Harrison, C Viragh, ...
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Structure of the MID1 Tandem B-Boxes Reveals an Interaction Reminiscent of Intermolecular Ring Heterodimers,
H Tao, BN Simmons, S Singireddy, M Jakkidi, KM Short, TC Cox, ...
Biochemistry 47 (8), 2450-2457, 2008
Kinetic, stereochemical, and structural effects of mutations of the active site arginine residues in 4-oxalocrotonate tautomerase
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NMR evidence for a short, strong hydrogen bond at the active site of a cholinesterase
C Viragh, TK Harris, PM Reddy, MA Massiah, AS Mildvan, IM Kovach
Biochemistry 39 (51), 16200-16205, 2000
Mutational, kinetic, and NMR studies of the roles of conserved glutamate residues and of lysine-39 in the mechanism of the MutT pyrophosphohydrolase
TK Harris, G Wu, MA Massiah, AS Mildvan
Biochemistry 39 (7), 1655-1674, 2000
The Diversity of Chemoprotective Glucosinolates in Moringaceae (Moringa spp.)
JW Fahey, ME Olson, KK Stephenson, KL Wade, GM Chodur, D Odee, ...
Scientific reports 8 (1), 7994, 2018
Molecular dynamics simulation reveals insights into the mechanism of unfolding by the A130T/V mutations within the MID1 zinc-binding Bbox1 domain
Y Zhao, C Zeng, MA Massiah
PloS one 10 (4), e0124377, 2015
Detection and characterization of the in vitro e3 ligase activity of the human MID1 protein
X Han, H Du, MA Massiah
Journal of molecular biology 407 (4), 505-520, 2011
Solution Structure of Δ5-3-Ketosteroid Isomerase Complexed with the Steroid 19-Nortestosterone Hemisuccinate,
MA Massiah, C Abeygunawardana, AG Gittis, AS Mildvan
Biochemistry 37 (42), 14701-14712, 1998
FOXP2 variation in great ape populations offers insight into the evolution of communication skills
N Staes, CC Sherwood, K Wright, M De Manuel, EE Guevara, ...
Scientific reports 7 (1), 16866, 2017
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