Olivia Roth
Olivia Roth
Marine Evolutionary Biology, Zoological Institute, Kiel University
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Citované v
Citované v
Strain-specific priming of resistance in the red flour beetle, Tribolium castaneum
O Roth, BM Sadd, P Schmid-Hempel, J Kurtz
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Phagocytosis mediates specificity in the immune defence of an invertebrate, the woodlouse Porcellio scaber (Crustacea: Isopoda)
O Roth, J Kurtz
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Salinity change impairs pipefish immune defence
SC Birrer, TBH Reusch, O Roth
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O Roth, A Beemelmanns, SM Barribeau, BM Sadd
Heredity 121 (3), 225-238, 2018
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O Roth, MH Solbakken, OK Tørresen, T Bayer, M Matschiner, HT Baalsrud, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 117 (17), 9431-9439, 2020
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D Haase, O Roth, M Kalbe, G Schmiedeskamp, JP Scharsack, ...
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Male pregnancy and biparental immune priming
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Hosts are ahead in a marine host–parasite coevolutionary arms race: innate immune system adaptation in pipefish Syngnathus typhle against Vibrio phylotypes
O Roth, I Keller, SH Landis, W Salzburger, TBH Reusch
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Why leveraging sex differences in immune trade‐offs may illuminate the evolution of senescence
CJE Metcalf, O Roth, AL Graham
Functional Ecology 34 (1), 129-140, 2020
Consistent pattern of local adaptation during an experimental heat wave in a pipefish-trematode host-parasite system
SH Landis, M Kalbe, TBH Reusch, O Roth
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Tripartite species interaction: eukaryotic hosts suffer more from phage susceptible than from phage resistant bacteria
CC Wendling, A Piecyk, D Refardt, C Chibani, R Hertel, H Liesegang, ...
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Immunostimulatory effects of dietary poly‐β‐hydroxybutyrate in European sea bass postlarvae
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A Beemelmanns, M Poirier, T Bayer, S Kuenzel, O Roth
Scientific Reports 9 (1), 3, 2019
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