mohamadreza massoudinejad
mohamadreza massoudinejad
Ďalšie menámohamad reza massoudi nejad
Shahid Behashti University of Medical Science , Tehran , Iran , Dep.of Env. Health Eng. Sch.of Pub.
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Citované v
Citované v
Adsorption of fluoride over a metal organic framework Uio-66 functionalized with amine groups and optimization with response surface methodology
M Massoudinejad, M Ghaderpoori, A Shahsavani, MM Amini
Journal of Molecular Liquids 221, 279-286, 2016
Magnetic chitosan nanocomposite: fabrication, properties, and optimization for adsorptive removal of crystal violet from aqueous solutions
M Massoudinejad, H Rasoulzadeh, M Ghaderpoori
Carbohydrate polymers 206, 844-853, 2019
Ethylenediamine-functionalized cubic ZIF-8 for arsenic adsorption from aqueous solution: modeling, isotherms, kinetics and thermodynamics
M Massoudinejad, M Ghaderpoori, A Shahsavani, A Jafari, B Kamarehie, ...
Journal of Molecular Liquids 255, 263-268, 2018
Enhanced degradation of sulfamethoxazole antibiotic from aqueous solution using Mn-WO3/LED photocatalytic process: Kinetic, mechanism, degradation pathway and toxicity reduction
AR Yazdanbakhsh, A Eslami, M Massoudinejad, M Avazpour
Chemical Engineering Journal 380, 122497, 2020
A comprehensive study (kinetic, thermodynamic and equilibrium) of arsenic (V) adsorption using KMnO4 modified clinoptilolite
M Massoudinejad, A Asadi, M Vosoughi, M Gholami, B Kakavandi, ...
Korean journal of chemical engineering 32, 2078-2086, 2015
The influence of operational parameters on reduce of azithromyinCOD from wastewater using the peroxi -electrocoagulation process
AR Yazdanbakhsh, M Massoudinegad, S Eliasi, A Sheikh Mohammadi
journal of water process eng. 5, 51-57, 2015
Airborne microbial contamination of dental units
MR Azari, A Ghadjari, NF Mohamadreza, Massoudinejad: Nasiree
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Treatment of natural rubber industry wastewater through a combination of physicochemical and ozonation processes
M Massoudinejad, M Mehdipour-Rabori, M Hadi Dehghani
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Use of municipal, agricultural, industrial, construction and demolition waste in thermal and sound building insulation materials: A review article
M Massoudinejad, N Amanidaz, RM Santos, R Bakhshoodeh
Journal of Environmental Health Science and Engineering 17, 1227-1242, 2019
Highly efficient adsorption of fluoride from aqueous solutions by metal organic frameworks: modeling, isotherms, and kinetics
M Massoudinejad, A Shahsavani, B Kamarehie, A Jafari, M Ghaderpoori, ...
Fluoride 51 (4), 355-365, 2018
Arsenic adsorption over dodecahedra ZIF-8 from solution aqueous: modelling, isotherms, kinetics and thermodynamics
M Massoudinejad, A Mohammadi, S Sadeghi, M Ghaderpoori, S Sahebi, ...
International journal of environmental analytical chemistry 102 (4), 855-871, 2022
Simultaneous separation and preconcentration of phosalone and chlorpyrifos in fresh vegetables using ultrasound-assisted dispersive liquid–liquid microextraction and high …
M Majlesi, M Massoudinejad, F Hosainzadeh, N Fattahi
Analytical methods 8 (18), 3795-3801, 2016
Optimization and modeling of photocatalytic degradation of Direct Blue 71 from contaminated water by TiO2 nanoparticles: response surface methodology approach (RSM)
M Massoudinejad, M Sadani, Z Gholami, Z Rahmati, M Javaheri, ...
Iranian Journal of Catalysis 9 (2), 121-132, 2019
The removal of COD and color from textile industry by chlorine hypochlorite
M Massoudinejad, M Ghaderpoori, MR Azari
Int. J. Adv. Sci. Technol 76, 35-42, 2015
Removal of Mn2+ from aqueous solution using Clinoptilolite coated with manganese dioxide
M Massoudinejad, A Eslami, M Khashij
Safety Promotion and Injury Prevention 2 (4), 265-272, 2015
Removal of Fe2+ from aqueous solution using manganese oxide coated zeolite and iron oxide coated zeolite
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A New Sampler and Analysis Method for BTEX in Ambient Air
MR Azari, S Mohamadreza, Massoudinejad, Motesadi
Tanaffos 7 (3), 47-52, 2008
Data on nitrate and nitrate of Taham dam in Zanjan (Iran)
M Massoudinejad, M Ghaderpoori, A Jafari, J Nasehifar, A Malekzadeh, ...
Data in brief 17, 431-437, 2018
Survey of Fungi Bioaerosols in ICU ward of Taleghani Hospital in Tehran by Petri-dish trapping technique and Bioaerosol Sampler in 2013
M Massoudinejad, A Ghajari, N Hezarkhani, A Aliyari
Safety Promotion and Injury Prevention 3 (3), 147-154, 2015
Ecological risk assessment to Olive oil Mill Wastewater (OMW) with bioassay on plant species
M Massoudinejad, E Aghayani, K Arman
Eco. Env. & Cons. 20 (1), 237-242, 2014
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