Lieke Melsen
Lieke Melsen
Associate Professor, Wageningen University
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Citované v
Impacts of European drought events: insights from an international database of text-based reports
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What is the role of the model in socio-hydrology? Discussion of “Prediction in a socio-hydrological world”
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Catchments as simple dynamical systems: A case study on methods and data requirements for parameter identification
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People's experience and facts of changing climate: impacts and responses
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Wageningen Universiteit, 2012
A geography of drought indices: mismatch between indicators of drought and its impacts on water and food securities
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Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences 22 (2), 323-344, 2022
On the complexity of model complexity: Viewpoints across the geosciences
JEM Baartman, LA Melsen, D Moore, MJ van der Ploeg
Catena 186, 104261, 2020
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