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Marc Vander Linden
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Millets across Eurasia: chronology and context of early records of the genera Panicum and Setaria from archaeological sites in the Old World
HV Hunt, M Vander Linden, X Liu, G Motuzaite-Matuzeviciute, S Colledge, ...
Vegetation history and archaeobotany 17, 5-18, 2008
Detection of diffusion and contact zones of early farming in Europe from the space-time distribution of 14C dates
JP Bocquet-Appel, S Naji, M Vander Linden, JK Kozlowski
Journal of Archaeological Science 36 (3), 807-820, 2009
Investigating archaeological cultures: material culture, variability, and transmission
BW Roberts, MV Linden
Investigating archaeological cultures: Material culture, variability, and …, 2011
What linked the Bell Beakers in third millennium BC Europe?
M Vander Linden
antiquity 81 (312), 343-352, 2007
Understanding the rates of expansion of the farming system in Europe
JP Bocquet-Appel, S Naji, M Vander Linden, J Kozlowski
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The Later Prehistory of North-West Europe: the evidence of development-led fieldwork
R Bradley, C Haselgrove, M Vander Linden, L Webley
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Between the Danube and the deep blue sea: Zooarchaeological meta-analysis reveals variability in the spread and development of Neolithic farming across the Western Balkans
DC Orton, J Gaastra, M Vander Linden
Open Quaternary, 2016
Le phénomène campaniforme dans l'Europe du 3ème millénaire avant notre ère: synthèse et nouvelles perspectives
M Vander Linden
BAR Publishing, 2006
Population history in third-millennium-BC Europe: assessing the contribution of genetics
M Vander Linden
World archaeology 48 (5), 714-728, 2016
Beyond broad strokes: sociocultural insights from the study of ancient genomes
F Racimo, M Sikora, M Vander Linden, H Schroeder, C Lalueza-Fox
Nature Reviews Genetics 21 (6), 355-366, 2020
Amplitude of travelling front as inferred from 14C predicts levels of genetic admixture among European early farmers
F Silva, M Vander Linden
Scientific Reports 7 (1), 1-9, 2017
Desert-kites of the Hemma plateau (Hassake, Syria)
PL Van Berg, M Vander Linden, V Picalause, S Lemaitre, N Cauwe
Paléorient, 89-99, 2004
Modelling the Neolithic transition in the Near East and Europe
J Fort, T Pujol, M Vander Linden
American Antiquity 77 (2), 203-219, 2012
The spatiotemporal spread of human migrations during the European Holocene
F Racimo, J Woodbridge, RM Fyfe, M Sikora, KG Sjögren, K Kristiansen, ...
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A Vinča potscape:: formal chronological models for the use and development of Vinča ceramics in south-east Europe
A Whittle, A Bayliss, A Barclay, B Gaydarska, E Bánffy, D Borić, ...
Documenta Praehistorica, 1-60, 2016
Polythetic networks, coherent people: a new historical hypothesis for the Bell Beaker phenomenon
M Vander Linden
Similar but Different. Bell Beakers in Europe, 35-62, 2004
Development and testing scenarios for implementing land use and land cover changes during the Holocene in Earth system model experiments
SP Harrison, MJ Gaillard, BD Stocker, M Vander Linden, ...
Geoscientific Model Development 13 (2), 805-824, 2020
Mapping past human land use using archaeological data: A new classification for global land use synthesis and data harmonization
KD Morrison, E Hammer, O Boles, M Madella, N Whitehouse, MJ Gaillard, ...
PloS one 16 (4), e0246662, 2021
Space competition and time delays in human range expansions. Application to the Neolithic transition
N Isern, J Fort, M Vander Linden
PLoS One 7 (12), e51106, 2012
Space competition and time delays in human range expansions. Application to the Neolithic transition
N Isern, J Fort, M Vander Linden
PLoS One 7 (12), e51106, 2012
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