Camille A Holmgren
Camille A Holmgren
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Citované v
Climate in the dry Central Andes over geologic, millennial, and interannual timescales1
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Inferences about winter temperatures and summer rains from the late Quaternary record of C4 perennial grasses and C3 desert shrubs in the northern …
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Life history traits predict colonization and extinction lags of desert plant species since the Last Glacial Maximum
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Extinction debt and delayed colonization have had comparable but unique effects on plant community–climate lags since the Last Glacial Maximum
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Creosote bush (Larrea tridentata) ploidy history along its diploid-tetraploid boundary in southeastern Arizona-southwestern New Mexico, USA
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Dietary modifications of packrats in response to changing plant communities: Evidence from fossil plant cuticles spanning> 55,000 years in Sonoran Desert packrat middens
MP Borrelli, CA Holmgren
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Late Quaternary Ecology, Climatology, and Biogeography of the northern Chihuahuan Desert from fossil packrat middens
CA Holmgren
The University of Arizona, 2005
Best Practices for Ancient Rodent Midden Collection, Processing, and Curation
CA Holmgren, AD Hornsby, KM Becklin, JL Betancourt, FP Díaz, ...
Special Focus: The Younger Dryas Cold Snap in North America: New Evidence for Its Cause and Effects
A Brunelle, JJ Clague, TR Lakeman, CA Holmgren, G Huckleberry, ...
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New uses for ancient middens: bridging ecological and evolutionary perspectives
KM Becklin, JL Betancourt, J Braasch, O Dézerald, FP Díaz, AL González, ...
Trends in Ecology & Evolution, 2024
Enterolactone and Other Lignan Metabolites as Taxon-Specifi c Markers in Modern and Ancient Woodrat Middens
DA Zinniker, CA Holmgren, BRT Simoneit
Zeitschrift für Naturforschung C 68 (7-8), 327-335, 2013
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