Shai Kendler
Shai Kendler
Technion Dept. of Environmental, Water and Agricultural Engineering Faculty of Civil
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Rapid determination of complex mixtures by dual-column gas chromatography with a novel stationary phase combination and spectrometric detection
GR Lambertus, JA Crank, ME McGuigan, S Kendler, DW Armstrong, ...
Journal of Chromatography A 1135 (2), 230-240, 2006
Fragmentation pathways and mechanisms of aromatic compounds in atmospheric pressure studied by GC–DMS and DMS–MS
S Kendler, GR Lambertus, BD Dunietz, SL Coy, EG Nazarov, RA Miller, ...
International Journal of Mass Spectrometry 263 (2-3), 137-147, 2007
Ultrafast gas chromatographic separation of organophosphor and organosulfur compounds utilizing a microcountercurrent flame photometric detector
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A new method and apparatus for on-site detection of trace levels of chemical warfare agents
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Detection of crop diseases using enhanced variability imagery data and convolutional neural networks
S Kendler, R Aharoni, S Young, H Sela, T Kis-Papo, T Fahima, B Fishbain
Computers and Electronics in Agriculture 193, 106732, 2022
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Ab initio study of the low-lying electronic states of indene
S Zilberg, S Kendler, Y Haas
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Model-based dense air pollution maps from sparse sensing in multi-source scenarios
A Nebenzal, B Fishbain, S Kendler
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S Kendler, Y Haas
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A Zuck, J Greenblatt, A Zifman, A Zaltsman, S Kendler, G Frishman, ...
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Detection of chemical warfare agents in the presence of interfering materials
S Kendler, A Zaltsman, G Frishman
Instrumentation Science & Technology 31 (4), 357-375, 2003
Detection and identification of sub-millimeter films of organic compounds on environmental surfaces using short-wave infrared hyperspectral imaging: Algorithm development using …
S Kendler, I Ron, S Cohen, R Raich, Z Mano, B Fishbain
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Hydrothermal degradation of adsorbed sulfur mustard on activated carbon
R Osovsky, D Kaplan, H Rotter, S Kendler, M Goldvaser, Y Zafrani, ...
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Real-time stand-off spatial detection and identification of gases and vapor using external-cavity quantum cascade laser open-path spectrometer
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Styrene clusters in a supersonic jet: Reactive and nonreactive systems
S Kendler, Y Haas
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The photophysics of a photoreactive system in a supersonic jet. Styrene-trimethylamine
E Zingher, S Kendler, Y Haas
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W Drescher, S Kendler, E Zingher, Y Haas
Chemical physics letters 224 (3-4), 391-398, 1994
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