Łukasz Binkowski
Łukasz Binkowski
Institute of Biology, Pedagogical University of Krakow
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Citované v
A nation‐wide survey of neonicotinoid insecticides in agricultural land with implications for agri‐environment schemes
S Humann‐Guilleminot, ŁJ Binkowski, L Jenni, G Hilke, G Glauser, ...
Journal of Applied Ecology 56 (7), 1502-1514, 2019
Histopathology of liver and kidneys of wild living Mallards Anas platyrhynchos and Coots Fulica atra with considerable concentrations of lead and cadmium
ŁJ Binkowski, K Sawicka-Kapusta, J Szarek, E Strzyżewska, M Felsmann
Science of the Total Environment 450, 326-333, 2013
A large-scale survey of house sparrows feathers reveals ubiquitous presence of neonicotinoids in farmlands
S Humann-Guilleminot, S Clément, J Desprat, ŁJ Binkowski, G Glauser, ...
Science of The Total Environment 660, 1091-1097, 2019
Levels of metals in blood samples from Mallards (Anas platyrhynchos) from urban areas in Poland
ŁJ Binkowski, W Meissner
Environmental Pollution 178, 336-342, 2013
Mercury concentrations in human placenta, umbilical cord, cord blood and amniotic fluid and their relations with body parameters of newborns
I Kozikowska, ŁJ Binkowski, K Szczepańska, H Sławska, K Miszczuk, ...
Environmental pollution 182, 256-262, 2013
Levels of Metals in Kidney, Liver, and Muscle Tissue and their Influence on the Fitness for the Consumption of Wild Boar from Western Slovakia
J Gašparík, ŁJ Binkowski, A Jahnátek, P Šmehýl, M Dobiaš, N Lukáč, ...
Biological Trace Element Research 177 (2), 258-266, 2017
Cadmium, lead and mercury concentrations and their influence on morphological parameters in blood donors from different age groups from southern Poland
M Janicka, ŁJ Binkowski, M Błaszczyk, J Paluch, W Wojtaś, P Massanyi, ...
Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology 29, 342-346, 2015
Lead poisoning and its in vivo biomarkers in Mallard and Coot from two hunting activity areas in Poland
ŁJ Binkowski, K Sawicka-Kapusta
Chemosphere 127, 101-108, 2015
Concentrations of cadmium, copper and zinc in tissues of Mallard and Coot from southern Poland
ŁJ Binkowski, RM Stawarz, M Zakrzewski
Journal of Environmental Science and Health, Part B 48 (5), 410-415, 2013
Lead isotope ratio measurements as indicators for the source of lead poisoning in Mute swans (Cygnus olor) wintering in Puck Bay (northern Poland)
ŁJ Binkowski, W Meissner, M Trzeciak, K Izevbekhai, J Barker
Chemosphere 164, 436-442, 2016
Cadmium concentrations and their implications in Mallard and Coot from fish pond areas
ŁJ Binkowski, K Sawicka-Kapusta
Chemosphere 119, 620-625, 2015
Effects of mercury on the steroidogenesis of human adrenocarcinoma (NCI-H295R) cell line
Z Knazicka, N Lukac, Z Forgacs, E Tvrda, J Lukacova, J Slivkova, ...
Journal of Environmental Science and Health, Part A 48 (3), 348-353, 2013
Mercury concentration in the feathers of birds from various trophic levels in Fereydunkenar International wetland (Iran)
M Ahmadpour, L Lan-Hai, M Ahmadpour, SH Hoseini, A Mashrofeh, ...
Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 188 (12), 666, 2016
Levels of metals in kidney, liver and muscle tissue and their relation to the occurrence of parasites in the red fox in the Lower Silesian Forest in Europe
ŁJ Binkowski, D Merta, A Przystupińska, Z Sołtysiak, J Pacoń, R Stawarz
Chemosphere 149, 161-167, 2016
The effect of material preparation on the dry weight used in trace elements determination in biological samples
Ł Binkowski
Fresenius Environmental Bulletin 21 (7a), 1956-1960, 2012
Trace element concentrations in feathers of five Anseriformes in the south of the Caspian Sea, Iran
MHS Karimi, M Hassanpour, AR Pourkhabbaz, M Błaszczyk, J Paluch, ...
Environmental monitoring and assessment 188 (1), 22, 2016
Composition of stallion seminal plasma and its impact on oxidative stress markers and spermatozoa quality
F Tirpák, M Halo Jr, K Tokárová, LJ Binkowski, J Vašíček, A Svoradová, ...
Life 11 (11), 1238, 2021
Levels of Essential and Xenobiotic Elements and Their Relationships in Milk Available on the Slovak Market with the Estimation of Consumer Exposure
M Capcarova, LJ Binkowski, R Stawarz, L Schwarczova, P Massanyi
Biological trace element research 188 (2), 404-411, 2019
Biogenic and risk elements in wines from the Slovak market with the estimation of consumer exposure
M Semla, P Schwarcz, J Mezey, ŁJ Binkowski, M Błaszczyk, G Formicki, ...
Biological trace element research 184, 33-41, 2018
Metal Concentrations in Tissues of Gadwall and Common Teal from Miankaleh and Gomishan International Wetlands, Iran
MH Sinkakarimi, LJ Binkowski, M Hassanpour, G Rajaei, M Ahmadpour, ...
Biological Trace Element Research, 1-8, 2018
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