Paul M. Cryan
Paul M. Cryan
Research Biologist, USGS Fort Collins Science Center
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Citované v
Economic importance of bats in agriculture
JG Boyles, PM Cryan, GF McCracken, TH Kunz
Science 332 (6025), 41-42, 2011
A comparison of bats and rodents as reservoirs of zoonotic viruses: are bats special?
AD Luis, DTS Hayman, TJ O'Shea, PM Cryan, AT Gilbert, JRC Pulliam, ...
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Experimental infection of bats with Geomyces destructans causes white-nose syndrome
JM Lorch, CU Meteyer, MJ Behr, JG Boyles, PM Cryan, AC Hicks, ...
Nature 480 (7377), 376-378, 2011
Inoculation of bats with European Geomyces destructans supports the novel pathogen hypothesis for the origin of white-nose syndrome
L Warnecke, JM Turner, TK Bollinger, JM Lorch, V Misra, PM Cryan, ...
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Seasonal Distribution of Migratory Tree Bats (Lasiurus and Lasionycteris) in North America
PM Cryan
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Wing pathology of white-nose syndrome in bats suggests life-threatening disruption of physiology
PM Cryan, CU Meteyer, JG Boyles, DS Blehert
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Bat flight and zoonotic viruses
TJ O’Shea, PM Cryan, AA Cunningham, AR Fooks, DTS Hayman, AD Luis, ...
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Causes of bat fatalities at wind turbines: hypotheses and predictions
PM Cryan, RMR Barclay
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Multiple mortality events in bats: a global review
TJ O'Shea, PM Cryan, DTS Hayman, RK Plowright, DG Streicker
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Behavior of bats at wind turbines
PM Cryan, PM Gorresen, CD Hein, MR Schirmacher, RH Diehl, MM Huso, ...
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ML Verant, CU Meteyer, JR Speakman, PM Cryan, JM Lorch, DS Blehert
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White-nose syndrome fungus (Geomyces destructans) in bats, Europe
G Wibbelt, A Kurth, D Hellmann, M Weishaar, A Barlow, M Veith, J Prüger, ...
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Migration of bats past a remote island offers clues toward the problem of bat fatalities at wind turbines
PM Cryan, AC Brown
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Investigating and managing the rapid emergence of white‐nose syndrome, a novel, fatal, infectious disease of hibernating bats
J Foley, D Clifford, K Castle, P Cryan, RS Ostfeld
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Effect of elevation on distribution of female bats in the Black Hills, South Dakota
PM Cryan, MA Bogan, JS Altenbach
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Pathophysiology of white-nose syndrome in bats: a mechanistic model linking wing damage to mortality
L Warnecke, JM Turner, TK Bollinger, V Misra, PM Cryan, DS Blehert, ...
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Sex differences in the thermoregulation and evaporative water loss of a heterothermic bat, Lasiurus cinereus, during its spring migration
PM Cryan, BO Wolf
Journal of Experimental Biology 206 (19), 3381-3390, 2003
Mating behavior as a possible cause of bat fatalities at wind turbines
PM Cryan
The Journal of Wildlife Management 72 (3), 845-849, 2008
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