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Srdjan Keren
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The natural disturbance regime in forests of the Dinaric Mountains: A synthesis of evidence
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European primary forest database v2. 0
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Plant Biosystems-An International Journal Dealing with all Aspects of Plant …, 2015
Comparative structural dynamics of the Janj mixed old-growth mountain forest in Bosnia and Herzegovina: are conifers in a long-term decline?
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Mapping the patchy legislative landscape of non-native tree species in Europe
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Culture and silviculture: Origins and evolution of silviculture in Southeast Europe
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Five decades of structural and compositional changes in managed and unmanaged montane stands: A case study from South-East Europe
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Forests 9 (8), 479, 2018
Actual and balanced stand structure: Examples from beech-fir-spruce old-growth forests in the area of the Dinarides in Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Jet stream position explains regional anomalies in European beech forest productivity and tree growth
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Relationships between Structural Indices and Conventional Stand Attributes in an Old-Growth Forest in Southeast Europe. Forests, 11, Article No. 4
S Keren, M Svoboda, P Janda, TA Nagel
Biotic threats for 23 major non-native tree species in Europe
E Pötzelsberger, MM Gossner, L Beenken, A Gazda, M Petr, T Ylioja, ...
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Impact of non-native tree species in Europe on soil properties and biodiversity: a review. NeoBiota 78: 45–69
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The Dinaric Mountains versus the Western Carpathians: Is structural heterogeneity similar in close-to-primeval Abies–Picea–Fagus forests?
J Paluch, S Keren, Z Govedar
European Journal of Forest Research 140, 209-225, 2021
Modeling tree species count data in the understory and canopy layer of two mixed old-growth forests in the dinaric region
S Keren
Forests 11 (5), 531, 2020
Mine i požari–faktori ugrožavanja bezbjednosti u šumama Republike Srpske
Z Govedar, Z Stanivuković, S Keren, B Marković
Zbornik radova, Međunarodna naučno-stručna konferencija Suzbijanje …, 2014
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